Falling Home Prices Signal a Shift to Rentals

One thing that 2022 will mean for many real estate investors is the increased cost of capital. The Fed Funds Rate has gone from 0.25 to 4.0 since last year. One month ago, it was 3.25. By the same token, the Wall Street Journal prime rate rose from 3.25 a year ago to 7.0 today. […]

Sharestates Expands Lending Capability up to $75 Million Loan Sizes for Multifamily, Mixed-Use, and Commercial Development

Sharestates recently announced the expansion of its loan limits to fund real estate developers seeking up to $75,000,000 for Multifamily, Mixed-Use, and Commercial development. Sharestates has filled a void left by many traditional lenders to provide capital to small and mid-sized developers, and as the company’s client portfolios grew, it became necessary to increase its […]

How 2022 Fed Rate Hikes Are Impacting Real Estate Investors

This month the Federal Reserve raised its fund rate by another .75 percentage points. That part was expected and wasn’t exactly news. What might have surprised some people was a statement issued by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell regarding the real estate market. Powell said the U.S. housing market is headed for a correction. What did […]

Is Real Estate Private Lending or Fixed-Income a Better Investment?

Investment Options

Private lending isn’t new, but it has seen a surge in growth in the last couple of decades. Since the financial crisis of 2008-09, private debt investing has grown to be a $638 billion dollar asset class. That was in 2017. More than half of the assets under management are direct lending assets. Both direct […]

Private Lender Magazine: Driven By “Underdog” Motivation

Amy Doshi, General Council for Sharestates, was published in Private Lender Magazine by the American Association of Private Lenders. In her article, Driven By “Underdog” Motivation, Amy describes her motivation to succeed and the parallels with Sharestates’ journey to thrive in the competitive private lending landscape. Key Takeaways Being the underdog makes you work harder. […]

NYC Real Estate Expo: How to Acquire a $1B Portfolio by Age 30

Michael Ramin, Sharestates EVP of Sales, interviews Allon Avgi, Founder and CEO of AVGI, for the NYC Real Estate Expo’s webinar series. Allon discusses how private money helped scale his business and become more bankable, while still leveraging private capital for non-conforming projects. Watch the complete webinar to learn how to acquire a $1B portfolio […]

Residential and Multifamily Rentals Are Hot This Year

Rental Housing

Going into 2022, the real estate investing market looked like gold. Virtually every sector of the market was on fire. Fix-and-flip investing was competitive as investors snapped up properties all over the country and resold them for massive gains. Ground-up construction was booming. Even rental properties were hot as the price of homes drove some […]

How An Inverted Yield Curve May Impact Real Estate Investing

Inverted Yield Curve

One of the key indicators that economists and analysts use to determine whether we’re headed for a recession is the inverted yield curve. Historically, most recessions have been preceded by an inverted yield curve a few months before. Therefore, it’s important for real estate investors to pay attention to this rare phenomenon with an eye […]

The Midwest Real Estate Market is Shifting to Rentals

An aerial view of an American suburban neighborhood in the Midwest

A lot of things have changed in real estate investing since March, but the Midwest region of the U.S. is steady and stable, for the most part. The region is still characterized by a low supply of housing coupled with high demand, just as it was in March. However, the area is experiencing a little […]