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2nd Annual Crowdfunding and Marketplace Lending Forum

It’s almost time for the 2nd Annual Crowdfunding and Marketplace Lending Forum for Real Estate, and we’ve put together a handy social media guide for your convenience.

Real Estate Crowdfunding Forum: March 10-11th, 2016 in New York

Below is a social media guide for the 2nd Annual Crowdfunding and Marketplace Lending Forum for Real Estate, a great opportunity to learn and share with experts in real estate investment and up-to-date information on lending for real estate in New York.

Real Estate Crowfunding and Marketplace Lending Experts

This is a list of all the confirmed speakers, as well as links to some of their social media pages. Use this tool to help jumpstart the networking process, and for a little background information on each speaker. This forum will inform investors of the benefits of real estate crowdfunding and marketplace lending platforms as they are expected to hit the $3.5 billion mark, this year.
To register for this event
2nd Annual Crowdfunding

Enjoy! #IMNEvents #IMNInvestments #IMNRealEstate

Paul Kang- President/CIO, Altacap: Linkedin

Michael Ning- President/CEO, Arque Capital, LTD: Linkedin

Thomas Ling- Director, Arsenal Real Estate: Linkedin

Jeremy Valeda- Managing Partner, Athens Capital Partners: Linkedin

Rich Rechif- President, Balboa Real Estate Group: Linkedin

Ben Bazer- Founder, Bazer Investment Group: Linkedin

Eli Braha- Managing Member/ CIO, Berkley Acquisitions LLC: Linkedin

Aaron Mesmer- Principal, Block Real Estate Services LLC: Twitter Linkedin

Brad O’Halloran- Executive Director-Investor Relations, Managing Principal, Brennan Investment Group: Twitter Linkedin

Bruce Arinaga- Broad Reach Retail Partners

David Manheimer- Managing Member, Brooklyn Standard Properties: Linkedin

Myles Bruckal- Principal, Bruckal Group: Linkedin

Joel Block- Chief Deal Maker, Bullseye Capital: Linkedin

J Martin Tate- Partner, Carman Tate Lehnhof Israelsen (CTLI): Linkedin

Jacob Sacks- Principal and Co-Founder, Cayuga Capital Management LLC: Linkedin

Aaron Gorin- Managing Member, Cedar Grove Capital

Mark Crawford- President and Managing Director, Crawford Park Financial, Inc: Linkedin

Ryan L Parkin- Managing Partner, Cress Capital LLC: Twitter

Stephen Cassidy- President, Denholtz Associates: Twitter Linkedin

Arik Lifshitz- CEO, DSA Property Group: Linkedin

Jay Caplan- Managing Director, Envisage Properties: Twitter Linkedin

Matthew Burk- CEO, Fairway America LLC: Twitter Linkedin

Minh Le- Assistant Director, FINRA:Twitter Linkedin

Mark Roderick-Shareholder, Flaster Greenberg PC: Twitter Linkedin

Scott Purcell- Founder, CEO, FundAmerica: Linkedin

Elvin Ames- Managing Member, Golden Investments LLC: Linkedin

Mark Lancaster- President, Great Lakes Fund Solutions INC: Twitter Linkedin

Rachel Mattai- Consultant, Hoboken Brownstone Company

Justin Lee- CEO & Founder, JL Investing LLC: Linkedin

Joseph Delaney- CEO, J.V. Delaney & Associates

Robert D Ginsberg- Managing Director, Kaufman Jacobs: Linkedin

David Drake- Chairman, LDJ Capital: Twitter Linkedin

Alain Sajous- Managing Partner, League Properties LLC- Partner, SBM Capital: Linkedin

Maksim Netrebov- President, Maks Financial Services: Twitter

Mark Mascia- President & CEO, Mascia Development LLC: Twitter Linkedin 

Paul Murad- President, Metroplex Group: Linkedin

Eric Siragusa- Principal, MHP Funds LLC: Linkedin

Cherif Medawar- Real Estate Hedge Fund Manager & Author, MIGSIF: Linkedin

Matt Nitschke- Managing Director-Alternative Solutios Group, Millennium Trust: Twitter Linkedin

Gregory D Kammerer- Vice President of Capital Markets, MLG Capital: Twitter Linkedin

Mark Solovy- Managing Director-Technology Finance Group, Monroe Capital: Twitter Linkedin

Shravan Parsi- CO-CEO & Principal, NAPA LLC- Linkedin

Stuart Morton- Managing Director, Nimble Asset Management: Linkedin

Douglass D O’Donnell- CEO, The O’Donnell Group INC- Twitter Linkedin 

Joaquin de Monet- Managing Principal, Palisades Capital Realty Advisors: Linkedin

David Disick- Managing Partner, Papagayo Development Group

Tim Herriage- Managing Director, Pinpoint Equity Group

Danny Karran- Director, Property Investment Advisors

Kathy Fettke- CEO & Co-Founder, Real Wealth Network: Twitter Linkedin

Charles Duddy- Vice President, Realtymogul.com: Twitter Linkedin

John Grosso- Investments Manager, Realtyshares: Twitter Linkedin

Mark Masterson- Director of Investments, Realtyshares- Twitter Linkedin

Jon Grabowski- President & CEO, Red Cedar Capital Partners LLC

David Wieland- Founder/CEO, Realized: Twitter Linkedin

Donald Deans- Strategist, Sandlapper Securities

Toni Sutherland, Sandlapper Securities

Nicholas Rotello- President, Seven Two Partners LLC: Twitter Linkedin

Allen Shayanfekr- CEO & Founder, Sharestates.com: Twitter Linkedin

Larry Davis- President, Shorewood Group- Linkedin

Sydney Armani- CEO, Silicon Valley Crowdfund Ventures

Jon Haahr- Senior Managing Principal, Silver Portal Capital: Twitter Linkedin

Justin Pierce- Founder & President, Snow Goose Homes LLC: Linkedin

Bob Sonnenblick- Chariman, Sonnenblick Development LLC: Linkedin

Damian Lynch- Director of Acquisitions, Sperryfiola Real Estate Services: Linkedin

Andrew Syrios- Partner, Stewardship Investments: Linkedin

Aaron Cuha- Co-Founder & Managing Director, Synergy Group INC: Linkedin

Lilah Blackstone- Assistant General Counsel- Department of Insureance, Securities & Banking, The District of Columbia: Linkedin

Max Sharkansky- Managing Partner, Trion Properties: Linkedin

Mitch Paskover- Managing Principal, Trion Properties: Linkedin

Jillian Sidoti- Partner, Trowbridge Taylor Sidoti LLP: Linkedin

Kim Lisa Taylor- Attorney, Trowbridge Taylor Sidoti LLP: Linkedin

Christopher Crippen- Managing Director, US Residential: Linkedin

Sanford Coggins- President/CEO, Vision Wise Capital:  Linkedin

Kim Wales- CEO, Wales Capital: Twitter Linkedin

Dan Carter- Founder, Windmill Investments: Linkedin 

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