> Sharestates Surpasses $300M for Real Estate Loan Purchases

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Sharestates Surpasses $300M for Real Estate Loan Purchases

Sharestates has reached a new milestone. Through institutional and individual investments, Sharestates has raised over $300 million in total funds for real estate loan purchases.

Sharestates Institutional Commitments and Capital Partners

Partnerships with Colony American Finance– Financial solutions for residential real estate investors- and Prime Meridian Capital Management – Investment firm specializing in online P2P lending -have helped to push Sharestates to $300 million in funds for loan purchase.


Sharestates made quite a buzz in the Fintech world when news of the $300 million hit. Some of the news outlets covering this story were:

New Capital Partners Colony American Finance and Prime Meridian, had some pretty nice things to say about working with Sharestates.

COO of Colony American Finance, Ryan McBride, stated “We are thrilled to expand our presence in the marketplace lending space by partnering with a market leader like Sharestates, which has demonstrated expertise in both deal-sourcing and underwriting.”

Managing Director of Prime Meridian, Peter Lowden, added “There are only a handful of platforms in the real estate marketplace lending space that have shown the ability to source and identify some of the strongest borrowers and best projects, which is the key to consistent results. Sharestates’ track record for delivering value-added returns makes it an attractive platform for purchasing loans.”

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Allen Shayanfekr, CEO, on Sharestates Investments

“Institutions, like Colony American Finance and Prime Meridian – as well as accredited individual investors – are looking for partners in this space that have large pools of qualified borrowers to select from and track records that reflect superior underwriting. These loan purchases will enable us to offer frequent opportunities for investors to diversify, while also giving individuals the increased confidence that comes with investing in the same deals as accomplished institutional firms.”

As more investors look to find safer markets several are turning to marketplace lending. The transparency and quality underwriting that Sharestates exhibits makes the platform a great fit for many investors.

In an interview with Financial Poise Allen added,”what makes Sharestates different from other real estate marketplace lending platforms is that we have unmatched access to dealflow. This allows us to be incredibly selective about the deals that we ultimately offer to our base of investors. Currently we are approving roughly 2 percent of the applications we receive. Since we launched in early 2015, we’ve offered more than 130 deals, originated more than $100 million in loans, returned more than $20 million to investors on 30 loans paid in full and with a principal loss of zero.”

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