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Real Estate Investment Staging Trends To Look For In 2017

In January of this year, homes spent an average of 50 days on the market. If your properties sit longer than 50 days — whether you’re a real estate investor, an agent, or someone looking to sell a home — here are some home staging tips that will help sell your property quickly and for more than the asking price.

There’s more to staging a property than tossing down a few rugs and throw blankets. According to MarketWatch.com, investing a few thousand dollars to properly stage a home sells the house in nearly half the time and for much more than the listed price. For all of you real estate investment gurus, you already know the crux of turning a profit in this business. Selling your property as quickly as possible. That For-Sale sign sitting on your investment does you no favors, and it consumes time and money.

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Modern Materials on Real Estate Investments

Embellish your real estate investment with modern materials that relates to buyers. Help the consumer visualize themselves living in the space. Splurge on kitchens and bathrooms with high-end, in-demand products like quartz counter tops, stainless steel appliances, built-in sinks, dark wood cabinetry, and metallic light fixtures. If you’re pinching pennies, here are some tips to help you complete your own renovations.


Smart Home Solutions for the Investment Property

Technology has infiltrated our lives and our homes. If you’re a smart investor, it behooves you to hop on the techno train and include smart devices throughout your property. Consumers will love you for it. The smart options from which to choose are plentiful including light bulbs, appliances, fire detectors, gas detectors, and security systems, to name a few. Click here to learn about more devices.

Latest Curb Appeal Trends

In case you haven’t noticed by now, the clean, minimalistic trend is in full swing, and the same applies for outdoor designs. Keep the landscaping uniform with soft lines and splashes of charm. Showcase bursts of color either through foliage or applied to the façade, not both. For instance, a bright red door pairs perfectly with a neutral landing complemented by a green hedge.

The backyard is just as important as the interior to potential buyers. Buyers yearn for a cozy, inviting retreat to host friends and family. Custom seating, fire pits, grilling areas, and more are some of the items many consumers desire in their new home. Fountains and water features transcend all seasons and are always a good choice to add to a renovation project. Spending the extra dime will result in higher returns on your investment.

Spring Design Staging Trends

When selling during spring months, boost interest in your property with bright colors like blue, yellow, green, and pink. Cover a room with a solid and add a pop of color with a bright piece of furniture or an accent wall. Or, combine two colors to complement fixtures and trims. Too many hues can make things messy so stick to three or fewer colors. Placing live plants in strategic locations adds depth and freshness.

Metals are trending. Savvy real estate investors know this and thus woo buyers with light fixtures made of copper, bronze, and brass. Spring designs often incorporate metals in furniture such as a table with dark metal legs and a bright stone/wood top.

Summer Design Staging Trends

Summer months are the ideal time to showcase nautical-themed accents like lighthouses, beach montages, and anything that reminds you of an island paradise. Summer is also a good time for brightly painted walls with ombré-colored canvases and pictures of beach scenes. Floral patterned furniture, leathers, chevron patterns, and other busy patterns trend this time of year, but keep it tasteful and modern.

Fall And Winter Design Staging Trends

The autumnal season boasts the most accepted variety of design. Furniture types trending during this season include custom-made, textured, retro, and natural wood pieces — think vintage but with a contemporary twist. Of course, you’ll find many of the usual color patterns associated with fall, including orange, brown, tan, and dark red, this time of year. Also popular are candles, lanterns, strands of warm-toned lights, thick throws, heavy knits and textured pillows, which will provide the warmth and coziness you want your buyers visualizing as they consider your property.

Remember, less is more. Clean, smooth lines and polished surfaces attract more consumers while pops of color complement and brighten neutral colors like taupe, gray, and cream.

If your real estate inventory is low or if you’re searching for more investment opportunities, check out this list of cities that provide the most return on investment when flipping properties.

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