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The Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts on the Internet

Current technology provides a wide array of ways to access quality information, and podcasts have jumped quickly to the top of the list. They are a cross between a radio show and a blog post. They are an audio file that can be accessed while driving or exercising.

Like any radio show or blog post, each podcast covers a topic from a slightly different angle. This means that even the best podcast series will sometimes address areas that are not directly relevant for every investor. The true value of podcasts is that the listener can choose which podcast they want to listen to and simply discard the ones that prove to be poor choices.

Bigger Pockets

Bigger Pockets’ real estate investing podcasts belongs on the playlist of every real estate investor of any level of sophistication. The hosts, Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner, turn in solid performances with interesting guests every week. The podcasts are an audio extension of the Bigger Pockets website, an online community of more than 1,300,000 real estate enthusiasts who want to grow as real estate investors.

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This real estate investing podcast series is very highly rated for both the information it presents and the way in which it is presented. Real estate investing can be a very quantitative field, and so complements on how comprehensible a technical presentation is can speak volumes about the podcast. Simply put, making quality information accessible is the hallmark of a worthwhile podcast and Bigger Pockets passes this test with flying colors.

Another area where this podcast receives high marks is the variety of real estate investing topics covered. House flippers, multi-family unit investors and commercial buy-and-hold owners will all find something interesting in the list of available podcasts. The quality of the presentations means that even investors not involved in a particular market segment can gain valuable insight.

The quick banter between the hosts is one aspect of the show that can cut both ways. While it keeps the conversation moving and increases the accessibility of the information, it can also cross the line and become too much. Listeners of this very highly rated podcast sometimes comment that the amount of banter exceeds their quotient and should be turned down a notch.

The Real Estate Guys

This is old school AM radio brought into the digital age. The hosts of The Real Estate Guys are Robert Helms, a professional investor, and Russell Gray, a financial strategist. They take a macro-economic, top-down view of real estate investing, consistently address topics such as tax and asset planning, property and market due diligence, and investment diversification. Experts in these fields are interviewed in a lively, conversational manner.

The podcast is well regarded for its motivational quality as much as it is for the quality of information. The hosts have a point-of-view regarding the value of a positive approach to life and investing which permeates the podcast. Listeners find that this philosophy inspires them to overcome doubts and act with confidence on the quality information the show provides.

This philosophical aspect can sometimes get in the way. A macro-economic perspective is useful, but in this case can sometimes turn into a platform for ideological excursions. In addition, the show has cruises and forums that are promoted on the podcast in a way that some listeners find excessive.

These two real estate investing podcasts are both highly rated and give a sense of the range of podcasts available. An internet search can turn up podcasts on specific real estate topics, but caution is advised since many are little more than infomercials for seminars and other investing programs.

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