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BIPS Interview with Sharestates

Michael Ramin, Sharestates VP of business development is interviewed by Kim Zar Bloorian and Yaakov Zar.  For your convenience, we’ve broken the video down by the topics of the discussion below.

Sharestates Genesis Story

Sharestates VP of Business Development, Michael Ramin shares the Sharestates genesis story with the BIPS team.

How has the coronavirus affected Sharestates? How has the lending business for Sharestates changed as a result?

Michael Ramin shares how the Sharestates community of investors and borrowers responded to the national crisis as well as how the company responded.

What types of loans does Sharestates lend on?

Michael shares the deal types that Sharestates is currently funding.

What is the current Sharestates lending process?

How can borrowers get to the closing table faster with Sharestates.

What was Michael’s experience like working for the MTA as a real estate manager?

How did that experience impact his role at Sharestates?

What was one of Sharestates’ strangest loan stories?

How did the Sharestates underwriting department respond?

How can it been for the Sharestates team working from home?

Michael Ramin shares his thoughts on real estate professionals working from home.

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