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  • Sharestates Hires Chief Strategy & Growth Officer and Launches Two New Initiatives: NPL Swap and Investors Loan Servicing

    Sharestates has announced this morning that the company has hired Stephan Leccese as it’s Chief Strategy and Growth Officer.

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  • Is There a New Normal in Commercial Lending?

    “There is no more normal,” Allen Shayanfekr, CEO and co-founder of Sharestates told MPA when talking about the impact of COVID-19 on commercial lending. “We’ve been hearing for months about getting back to a level of normalcy, but the reality is, no one knows what that is.”

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  • BIPS Interview with Sharestates

    Michael Ramin, Sharestates VP of business development is interviewed by Kim Zar Bloorian and Yaakov Zar.

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  • Sharestates Interview on the Handsome Home Buyer Podcast

    Sharestates’ Director of Business Development, Michael Ramin, was recently interviewed on the Handsome Home Buyer Podcast.

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  • Sharestates CEO and NMP TV Discuss the Mortgage Industry

    Sharestates CEO and Co-founder, Allen Shayanfekr’s interview with NMP TV.

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