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  • Sharestates Announces Auto-Invest and $500mm in Originations

    Sharestates, is pleased to announce that we have surpassed an all time total of $500mm in real estate loan originations. This milestone continues to establish Sharestates as a leader in the online real estate investment marketplace vertical.

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  • 4th Annual Charity Poker Tournament and Sunrise Gala Recap

    The Atlantis Organization and Sharestates partnered up again this year for the 4th Annual Charity Poker Tournament. The event was held on April 25, 2017 at Temple Emanuel in Great Neck, NY. This year about 200 attendees were present, some of which played poker while others observed.

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  • Sunrise Charity Gala 2017

    Sharestates is honored to support the Sunrise Association in raising funds, so children with cancer and their siblings have the opportunity to enjoy day camp. This support has been defined through years of partnered charity events and fundraisers.

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  • Sharestates Fourth Annual Charity Poker Tournament

    The Atlantis Organization and Sharestates have partnered up again this year for the 4th Annual Charity Poker Tournament. With over 100 attendees, last year’s event brought in over $20,000 to the Sunrise Day Camp and The Friendship Circle.

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  • Orchard Platform and LendIt’s NYC Marketplace Lending Meetup

    Sharestates has teamed up with Orchard Platform, Wunder Capital, LendIt and AngelList to create the NYC Marketplace Lending Meetup! The meetup is taking place on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 in NYC.

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