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  • Networking Guide LendIt Forum: April 11-12th, 2016

    networking and social media guide for the LendIt USA Forum 2016 is a great opportunity to learn from and interact with experts in real estate lending and investing.

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  • Bisnow Q&A Chat Featuring Sharestates CEO Allen Shayanfekr

    Real Estate Crowdfunding presents itself as the first opportunity in quite some time that allows accredited individuals to invest in what has traditionally been an inaccessible market.

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  • $100 Million Loan Milestone: A Thank You From Our CEO

    We have officially reached $100 million in loans made through the Sharestates platform and we are thrilled that you have been a part of it. This milestone could not have been met without your engagement and support of Sharestates and your trust in our team.

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  • What Title III Means For Real Estate Crowdfunding

    Since the passing of the JOBS Act in 2012, everyone is keeping up with the changes taking place in the securities investing and crowdfunding niches has been keeping an eye on whether or not non-accredited investors will be let in on the ground floor opportunities that present themselves through seed funding.

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  • Real Estate Investing Tips by Allen at AAPL’s 6th Annual Conference

    Allen Shayanfekr is speaking at AAPL’s 6th Annual Conference this November 8-10 in Las Vegas. This is one of the largest events dedicated to private lending.

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