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  • Allen Shayanfekr on Joe Fairless’ Real Estate Podcast

    You know the age old saying “Trust is gained in drops and lost in buckets?” Today’s Best Ever guest shares with us the importance of building trust with your clients, discusses title insurance, and a neat loophole to investing in the crowdfunding marketplace.

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  • Sharestates Explained in 75 Seconds

    From both the investor and borrower standpoint can prove to be one of the best Crowdfunding sites. Due to high net returns and access to deal flow Sharestates is positioned to provide optimal service.

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  • Start Building Your Real Estate Portfolio With Sharestates

    Investing in real estate can be the best option for making your money work for you. There are several ways to invest in real estate. In combination with other investments, real estate Crowdfunding can optimize your investment portfolio.

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  • Crowdfunding Panel at the Real Deal Forum May 2015

    CEO Allen Shayanfekr on the Crowdfunding Panel at The Real Deal Forum in NYC (May 2015)

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  • Allen Shayanfekr Speaking at the First Annual Real Estate Brunch

    Allen will explain the Sharestates platform as well as its origin and purpose at the First Annual Real Estate Brunch on April 26th 2015.

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