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  • Social Media Guide for Real Estate New York City Expo 2015

    social media guide for this year’s Real Estate NYC Expo 2015. Use it to engage with speakers and other attendees.

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  • Why Do Real Estate Investors Use Real Estate Crowdfunding?

    Real estate crowdfunding is a way for accredited investors to find great deals on real estate investments. In the past, the best real estate deals were only available to elite insiders within the real estate industry. The rich grew richer while the rest had no access to premium deals.

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  • Sharestates announces $30MM Investment by Ranger Capital Group

    Sharestates, LLC (“Sharestates”) is thrilled to announce an investment by the Ranger Direct Lending Fund (“Ranger”), a pooled investment vehicle dedicated to direct lending investment.

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  • Real Estate Crowdfunding Benefits Explained in 45 Seconds

    Real estate development, for many, may seem like a tough industry to work in. Unless you are in an exclusive club, the chances of stumbling upon a great development opportunity are slim-to-none.

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  • Sharestates Surpasses $300M for Real Estate Loan Purchases

    Sharestates has reached a new milestone. Through institutional and individual investments, Sharestates has raised over $300 million in total funds for real estate loan purchases.

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