Looking for a gift that will still be valuable for time to come? Finding the perfect gift to give for a major milestone like graduation or marriage? Consider giving the gift of Real Estate. With higher returns than bonds, your friends and loved ones are sure to appreciate the gift of investment.

Over time gifting a real estate investment can help your loved one attain some of their goals such as home ownership, vacation, or investing.

Sharestates’ Gift A Share Program

Real estate crowdfunding is revolutionizing the way that accredited investors invest in real estate. By collecting capital from various individuals and institutions, Sharestates is able to help developers fund their projects. The way it works, is investors perform due diligence on the loans funding on Sharestates.com. Once the investor has found a loan that they are interested in, they determine how much they would like to invest in the loan. Sharestates investment minimums start at $1,000.

Once the loan is fully funded, the developer gets to work on their project and investors receive monthly updates and distributions. Following the loan maturation date, investors receive their principal balance back along with any other returns on investment.

Gifting a share of real estate might just be the best gift you can give this year. Check out the video below to learn more:


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Real estate crowdfunding is the latest form of real estate investing in the digital age. Similar to REITs, real estate crowdfunding sites allow investors to come together and fund a real estate loan for a qualified borrower.

Sharestates as a Real Estate Crowdfunding Option

Sharestates was founded on the concept of bringing quality real estate investments to those who might not have otherwise had access. From a lending standpoint, Sharestates allows experienced real estate borrowers to fund their projects faster than traditional lending options.

Watch CEO Allen Shayanfekr and Kevin Shane, VP of Capital Markets discuss real estate crowdfunding and Sharestates. Topics also include the real sstate crowdfunding industry, the specifics of Sharestates, as well as predictions for the coming year.

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