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Rick Allen
VP Sales, Zipcar – @Zipcar

Rob Astorino
Westchester County Executive

Rachel Ataman
SVP, Hydro Tech Environmental – @htecorp

Karen Augis
Business Development Representative, Next Generation Trust Services – @NextGenTrust

Craig Barnes
Chief Production Officer, ReadyCap Commercial – @readycapcomm

Joseph Ben-Zvi
Chief Revenue Officer, Nestio – @nestio

Abraham Bergman
Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Eastern Union Funding – @EasternUnion

Neil Binder
Founder + Owner, Bellmarc – @BellmarcNYC

Brian Blauvelt
National Account Executive, Yardi/Enerliance – @enerliance

Jeffrey Chavkin
President, Geoscape Solar – @geoscapesolar

Melissa Cohn
President, MC Home Loans – @MChomeloan

Fredrick Cooper
Sr VP Finance – International Development & Investors Relations, Toll Brothers – @tollbrothersinc

Stacie Curtis
President and Founder, CW Solutions – @CWCSI

Gary DeBaise
Account Executive, – @XpressPayDotCom

Pierre Debbas
Partner + Founding Member, Romer Debbas, LLP – @RomerDebbas

George Denman
Principal, Oxford Commercial Appraisal Management

Stuart Denyer
Founding Member, Sherman Bridge Lending

Michael Doherty
Manager, Optimum Referral Program

Spiro Dongaris
President, Athenica Environmental Services

Martin Edelstiein
Senior Manager (Tax Dept), Marks Paneth – @markspaneth
Marks Paneth Bio

Chris Fischer
CTO, Reonomy – @reonomy

Michael Fitzpatrick
Partner, Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP – @ParenteBeard

Jeffrey Geller
Founder and COO, Insurent Agency Corporation – @Insurent

Jane Gol
President, Continental Ventures

Robert Greenberg
President + Editorial Director, Perspective Real Estate Media Group

David Greene
President Brokerage Services, MHP Real Estate Services – @MHPdealmaker

Max Gross
Editor and Chief, Commercial Observer – @commobserver

Alper Guler
Software Engineer, ARPandora

Derek Hall
Client Account Executive, PropertyShark – @PropertyShark

James Hannah
Client Energy Services, Bright Power – @brightpowerinc

David Hansel
President, Alpha Funding Solutions – @Alpha_Funding

John Harrington
Co-Founding Partner, HKS Capital Partners – @hkscapitalllc

Jeff Hendler
Co-Founder & Chief Products Officer, Energy Technology Savings

Philip Horigan
Founder & CEO, – @leasebreak

Jonathan Ingber
Founder, Actovia – @actoviacmi

Ashley Joffe
Managing Principal, Middlegate Funding – @Middleg8funding

Marc Katz
VP & Manager, Investors Bank – @myinvestorsbank

Tom Kiernan
CEO, ClickPay

Lisa Knee
Partner, Eisner Amper – @EisnerAmper

Frank Korzekwinski
Senior Executive VP, Flushing Bank

Edward Koster
Director, Spartan Detective Agency – @spartan_PA

Ken Krysinski
Managing Partner, Socialfix Media – @socialfixMedia

Jacob Layani
CEO, CrownTV – @ItsCrownTV

Spencer Levy
Americas Head of Research, CBRE – @CBREResearch

E. Robert Levy
EVP, Mortgage Bankers Association of New Jersey

Heshy Mandal
Director of Development, Entech Digital Controls – @entechboiler

Frank Maricic
President, EE Reports – @EEreports

Shawn Martin
VP of Lending, RCN Capital – @RCNCapital

Jen McCabe
Director of Business Development, The News Funnel – @TNF_RE

Ken McCarthy
Chief Economist, Cushman & Wakefield – @CushWake

Chuck Merritt
President + CEO, Merritt Environmental Consulting Corp. – @ChuckMECC

Reba Miller
Licensed Real Estate Broker, RPMiller Realty Group

Jeffrey Moerdler
Partner, Mintz Levin – @mintzlevin

Bruce Mosler
Chairman – Global Brokerage, Cushman & Wakefield – @Cushwake
Cushman & Wakefield Bio

Samuel Newbold
Manager, EB5 Department, Barst Mukamal & Kleiner LLP – @bmk_llp

Ahmad Oloumi
VP of Business Development, SiteCompli – @SiteCompli

Elisabeth Ooka
Account Executive, National Tenant Network

Michael Packman
CEO, PNI Capital Partners

Michael Perna
VP Marketing & Business Development, ConEdision Solutions – @ConEdSolutions

Fredrick Warburg Peters
President, Warburg Realty – @WarburgRealty

Royce Pinkwater
Founder and CEO, Pinkwater Select – @PinkwaterSelect

Eugene Podokshik
Principal & CEO, First Fidelity Brokerage

Harriet Polinsky
Senior Partner, Borah Goldstein Altschuler Nahins & Goidel

David Pospisil
Manager, Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs, Con Edison – @ConEdison

Vince Rocco
Managing Partner, Blu Realty Group – @BLURealtyGroup

Michael Romer
Partner + Founding Member, Romer Debbas, LLP – @RomerDebbas

Michael Rooney
SVP + GM, bpm’online – @bpmonline

Frank Rosati
Manager, Optimum Referral Program

Josh Rosenthal
Principal, REPlexus – @replexus

Charles Ruffin
Account Manager, Emigrant Mortgage Company

Richard Sarkis
CEO, Reonomy – @reonomy

David Schechtman
Senior Managing Director Meridian Investment Sales, Meridian Capital – @MeridianCapLLC

Barry Schmidt
Founder and Principal, Schmidt Construction Consulting

Jeff Seidler
Director, Emerald Creek Capital – @EmeraldCreekNY

Gus Sfakianos
VP Mechanical Services, Marathon Energy – @Marathon_Energy

Mona Shah
Attorney, Mona Shah & Associates – @mshahlaw

Rick Sharga
EVP, – @auction

Allen Shayanfekr
Co-Founder & CEO, – @Sharestates

Michael Sheehy
Financial Advisor Global Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch – @MerrillLynch

Stephen Siegel
Chairman, Global Brokerage, CBRE – @CBRE

William Silveri
Senior Project Manager, Athenica Environmental Services

J’Nell Simmons
Executive Director, LandlordsNY – @landlordsny

Desmond Smyth
President and Founder, SecureWatch 24 – @SecureWatch24

Michael Stoler
Managing Director Originations, Madison Realty Capital – @MadisonRealtyCa

Andrew Tannuzzi
Regional Account Executive, RCN – @RCNBusiness

Terry Tateossian
Founder & Lead Technical Engineer, Socialfix Media – @socialfixMedia

Davetta Thacher
Project Manager, On-site Power Team, NYSERDA – @NYSERDA

Reid Thomas
EVP (Worldwide Sales & Marketing), NES Financial – @NESFinancial

Clem Turner
Managing Attorney, New York Office of Homeier & Law – @homeierlaw

Paul Ullman
Co-Managing Partner, Asset Based Lending – @ablending

Lee Vardakas
President & CEO, Aegis Energy Services – @AegisEnergy

Peter Von Der Ahe
SVP Investments, Marcus & Millichap – @mmreis

Tim Wang
Ph.D. + Director, Head of Investment Research, Clarion Partners

Director of Development, CL Investment Group

Ace Watanasuparp
VP, Citizens Bank – @citizensbank

Jim Watson
President & Founder, Watson & Associates

Lois Weiss
Real Estate Columnist, New York Post – @nypost

Kerry Wellington
Principal, WY Management

Erik Wind
President, GeoData Plus – @geodataplus

Kevin Wright
Principal, Wright Johnson

Ashkan Zandieh
Founder, RE:Tech – @getretech

William Zeckendorf
Co-Chairman, Zeckendorf Development, Brown Harris Stevens + Halstead Property

Wiston Zorrilla
General Manager + Advisor (Residential Mortgage Modification Group), Clark’s Law

Alternative assets have always been an investment typically reserved for the ultra high net worth individual and for institutional investors like hedge funds, private equity funds and venture capital funds. The retail investor has had little to no access to some of the most lucrative investment opportunities available. Instead of being able to be an early investor in a company like Facebook or Uber, retail investors have been stuck with taking risks on penny stocks. These stocks that have the ability to lose 99% of their value in one day. Private online lending through real estate crowdfunding can be the solution to this problem. 

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Disrupting the World of Finance

With any unfairness that affects a large amount of people, there are always going to be companies looking to disrupt the status quo. Take Lending Club for a great example. Back in 2007, their founder saw an opportunity to allow individual retail investors to take the role of a bank in the consumer loans equation. This concept of peer to peer (P2P) lending allowed consumers to borrow money for things like credit card refinance from other individuals that were looking for a greater yield than their savings account offered. The P2P lending phenomenon that kicked off in 2007 has only taken off over the past few years. Now it’s a multi-billion dollar industry, with the two top players (Prosper; being the other) having syndicated over $13 billion (#1and#2) in loans alone.

In December 2014, we even saw our first IPO in the industry with Lending Club going public (Ticker: LC). That $13 billion in origination equates to over$1 billion in interest paid to investors–investors that include both institutional, accredited (high net worth individuals) and non accredited investors.

Emergence of Marketplace Lending

With the success of these two peer to peer lending stars, an entire industry blossomed in only a few years, reaching multiple asset types. The P2P industry is also known as marketplace lending, direct lending or online lending–take your pick. Not only is this space making in a dent in the banking industry, it’s also transforming the private lending space. Previously, private (non-traditional) lending was only available to institutional investors and hard money lenders. Now, this new form of private lending is open to a much wider audience that includes accredited investors and non accredited investors. Let’s briefly define what an accredited investor is: An accredited investor is any individual with at least $1 million in net worth (excluding their primary residence) and/or $200k in annual income for the past two years and foreseeable future (or $300k per couple).

Since it is a new industry, some may think that it’s a full-out wild west scenario out there. It’s not. The Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) regulates this space to an extent. Due to restrictions, some of these online lending platforms are limited to only institutional and accredited investors. Lending Club and Prosper are open to non accredited investors in most states due to certain filings that they had approved by the SEC (S1 filing). Most other online private lending platforms are only available to accredited and institutional investors. For a user to verify accreditation with any of these platforms, they are required to check a box upon registration, indicating that they are accredited.

FinTech in Many Forms

This type of online private lending, driven by consumer loans, has spread to other asset types including small business loans, solar loans, real estate loans and more. Soon after Lending Club debuted on the NYSE , a company called OnDeck Capital (Ticker: ONDK) started trading on the NASDAQ–the leaders in online lending for small business loans. If you’ve ever had student debt, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a company called Sofi that focuses on offering more competitive rates and refinancing options for student loans. And if you’ve got a green investment thumb, Open Energy Group offers an alternative investment for the debt financing of solar projects. These are just a few examples of what’s spawned from this online lending explosion. So many types of businesses are getting into or have already entered this space, but none is more exciting than real estate online lending–also referred to as real estate crowdfunding.

Real Estate Crowdfunding

Private lending for real estate has traditionally been referred to as hard money lending, so real estate crowdfunding can be considered hard money lending version 2.0. The idea is simple. A borrower who is a real estate owner, developer or rehabber applies for a loan or equity raise through an online platform. If approved, the project gets posted to a website for investors to invest small to large amounts of capital directly into the real estate project. It’s the age-old process of syndication, with a technology element to make it more efficient, easier and much sexier.Real estate crowdfunding has attracted tens of thousands of accredited investors (yes, most platforms are only open to accredited investors due to SEC regulations) to register and build their real estate portfolios. There are a few main reasons why many investors have made this investment the alternative asset of choice:

Projected net annual returns generally starting at 10% Collateralized asset Simple and passive investment strategy Transparency on each individual real estate project Minimums starting as low as $1000 Access to real estate investment opportunities that may have been previously inaccessible.

Benefits of Real Estate Crowdfunding for Borrowers

When it comes to borrowing money through a real estate crowdfunding platform, borrowers also reap a few key benefits that make it an attractive source of capital:

  1. Quick access to capital with ability to close a loan or equity raise in a few days.
  2. Competitive private lending rates Marketing benefits for projects that qualify.

In addition to real estate crowdfunding having an attractive investment profile, it also has the potential to be the largest asset type out of all online lending types (consumer debt, small business loans, etc). This is not only because it’s a larger market overall (real estate lending market is estimated at $10.8 trillion), but because it’s also a collateralized asset. There’s that extra layer of comfort knowing that a tangible asset is behind this type of investment.

Online Lending will Only Get Better

Online lending as an investment is here to stay. All in, there’s over $20 billion (rough estimate based on largest players whose statistics are publicly available) invested through online lending–consumer debt, small business debt, real estate debt, etc combined. As time goes on and the online lending industry continues to prove itself, more and more investors are going to allocate investment dollars into it. We’re already starting to see investment advisors (RIAs) steer their clients into this asset class. Within five years, online lending will be a part of the average investment portfolio, just like stocks and bonds. It’s only a matter of time.

Read the original article on Private Lender: (Page 26)

Our CEO Allen Shayanfekr is speaking at AAPL’s 6th Annual Conference this November 8-10 in Las Vegas. This is one of the largest events dedicated to private lending.


The Conference provides strategic, industry-specific education, distinguished speakers, valuable sessions, unlimited networking engagements, and so much more for professionals across real estate investing and servicing.

Simply Register here and  
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More details about the conference at

Join our CEO Allen Shayanfekr at this year’s FinFair 2015 Conference in New York City on July 29th. Allen’s panel will begin at 11:05am ET.

Panel: Successfully Raising Capital Through Online Finance
11:05 – 11:45 (40 minutes)
July 29th, 2015
Purpose of Panel: This panel includes a great array of both debt-based and equity-based platforms. The purpose of this panel is to introduce your platforms and highlight how issuers can successfully raise capital on your platforms and how investors can increase returns by investing on your platforms. I thought we’d start with everyone introducing themselves and their respective companies.

FinFair is the first and only conference platform to showcase the leadership and technologies that are driving the next wave of retail financial products while simultaneously bridging the information gaps between the debt and equity markets as well as among the Wall Street establishment and today’s financial innovators. They have a truly groundbreaking program lined up and believe that many of the concepts introduced at this event will set a new precedent for Wall Street. As always, they will bring you exceptional networking opportunities – whether you are looking for future IPO candidates, innovation, investment ideas, capital or new clients.Important Links + Info:
Save 15% with code: sharestatesvip
Register at:
Allen’s Twitter Handle: @allenshayanfekr
Sharestates’ Twitter Handle: @sharestates
FinFair’s Twitter Handle: @finfairconf
Event Hashtag: #FinFair2015Our team member Kevin Shane created a social media guide for the event which you can see here:

You know the age old saying “Trust is gained in drops and lost in buckets?” Today’s Best Ever guest shares with us the importance of building trust with your clients, discusses title insurance, and a neat loophole to investing in the crowdfunding marketplace.


Listen Here:

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Allen Shayanfekr’s real estate background:

Founder and CEO of Sharestates, a real estate crowdfunding marketplace based in NYC, NY. Allen is currently practicing law in New York and Connecticut and uses his legal expertise in securities law to help Sharestates promote and produce public and private offerings . Allen recieved his JD from Touro Law Center where he was in the top 6% of his class. Follow Allen at the below handles: Allen @allenshayanfekr or Sharestates @sharestates

This week, we received an email from Peter Renton (Lend Academy) with some exciting news. We were chosen as one of the 8 finalists! We’re honored and excited to take part in this new addition to LendIt’s packed agenda.

Sharestates Pitching at LendIt

PitchIt offers the opportunity to openly pitch your business to a set of venture capital and angel investors, along with any other attendees that choose to sit in on the session. Each of the finalists will have 5 minutes to pitch their company, and 5 minutes of Q&A from the judges. The judges will score each pitch and award the top 3 winners at the end. In addition, our CEO Allen Shayanfekr will also be part of the “Real Estate Crowdfunding Property Types” panel on April 15th at 4:45pm at LendIt NYC.

Reach out to if you’ll be at LendIt and would like to set up time to meet with one of our team members at the event.Register for LendIt Follow LendIt on Twitter (#LendItUSA)Follow @AllenShayanfekr on Twitter Connect with Allen on LinkedIn

Sharestates as an institution does not provide legal or tax advice. Use of any information from this article is for general information only and does not represent legal or tax advice either express or implied. Readers are encouraged to seek professional legal and tax advice and assistance.

Our CEO Allen Shayanfekr will be part of the Real Estate Crowdfunding Property Types panel on April 15th at 4:45pm at LendIt NYC. He’ll be joined by Haider Nazar of LendZoan, Eric Siragusa of MHP Funds Hospitality and Bill Sipple of HVS. We invite all our Investors, Sponsors and readers to attend LendIt to see Allen speak, meet some of the Sharestates team and to see all the excitement in the online lending space.

Sharestates Attends LendIt

Allen will be discussing the role of residential real estate within real estate crowdfunding. Allen has an extensive knowledge in real estate law and securities (his background is in legal).Look for him to share his perspective and expertise for anyone looking to learn more about real estate crowdfunding as an investor or for general interest.

LendIt is the world’s top conference for the online lending (aka marketplace lending, P2P lending) industry and it’s coming to New York City this April 13-15 (see agenda here). With over 1600 attendees (see list of companies attending), this event is more proof to the tremendous growth of this space.

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