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Sharestates, a leading real estate technology platform designed to support and accelerate the redevelopment of residential housing welcomes Christina (Tina) DelDonna as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) continuing its expansion of the executive leadership team. Ms. DelDonna is a multi-disciplinary CFO with more than 20 years of leadership in both public and private specialty finance and real estate lending organizations.

Sharestates, a leading real estate technology platform designed to support and accelerate the redevelopment of residential housing, adds veteran executive and fintech leader Rayman Mathoda to its board of directors, effective immediately. Ms. Mathoda has served as CEO of five companies and led multiple M&A transactions with Fortune 500 buyers or sellers. Her unique blend of executive experience includes 20 years in fintech, banking, proptech, real estate, healthcare, and life sciences. Her deep understanding of finance coupled with her expertise in real estate services and technology makes her a great addition to the Sharestates board.

Private real estate lender“Our role today as a national lender is to get that national expansion going. We’re looking to some of these hotter areas where we have properties that we’ve worked on…mostly the southeast where a lot of our team works,” Mark Martino, Sharestates’ New York Director of Business Development told MPA when talking about the company’s plans to expand its national private lending reach.

In this article, Mark addresses Sharestates’ new growth strategy comprising of new product offerings, competitive rates, and updated underwriting guidelines.


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Sharestates’ Director of Business Development, Michael Ramin was recently interviewed on IMN’s Fix & Flip Finance Acquisition Panel. The panel was a part of the 9th Annual Single Family Rental Forum held in Miami, Florida in July of 2021. For your convenience, we’ve linked to the video below.

Fix & Flip Finance & Acquisition: How are you finding product in this supply-constrained market?

Key Takeaways:

  • There is a drop in fix & flip inventory. This is impacting auctions, inventory valuations, and the cost of materials.
  • Closings have lagged at the valuation stage due to an influx of owner-occupied refinances and a limited number of certified appraisers.
  • This dip in inventory won’t last forever.

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Track A – Fix & Flip Finance & Acquisition: How Are You Finding Product In This Supply-Constrained Market? from IMN on Vimeo.



Sharestates CEO Allen Shayanfekr was recently interviewed on The Five Star Institute’s DS5 news channel. Allen discussed the state of the private lending industry and what investors can expect moving forward. For your convenience, we’ve linked to the video below.

DS5: Inside the Industry

Sharestates CEO & Co-founder, Allen Shayanfekr shares the company’s approach to real estate investing. Click below to watch today!



Sharestates CEO Allen Shayanfekr recently participated in IMN’s Non-QM Virtual Forum. Allen’s panel covered “The Changing Equation Of Loan Retention Length vs. When To Sell or Securitize”. For your convenience, we’ve broken the video down by the topics of the discussion below.

How Has Liquidity Changed for Real Estate Originators Over The Last Year?

Sharestates CEO & Co-founder, Allen Shayanfekr shares how liquidity changes have impacted real estate originations.

Sharestates Recent Product Innovation

Allen shares what recent product Sharestates has developed.

Due Diligence For Transitional Loans

Allen shares his thoughts on how transitional loans have shifted over the last year.


Sharestates CEO, Allen Shayanfekr, was interviewed by Kilgour Williams Capital for their webinar CanLend – Lending in the COVID World. Since the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sharestates has remained active as one of the leading marketplace lending platforms. In this webinar, Allen Shayanfekr discussed how the private lending industry has responded to the COVID pandemic as well as his predictions for what lies ahead for the industry.

Introduction to Sharestates – Lending in the COVID Era – Short-term Residential Mortgages Panel

Sharestates CEO Allen Shayanfekr introduces the Sharestates company.

How Did Covid-19 Impact the Sharestates Business?

What were some of the first changes made to the company in the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic?

How Did Covid-19 Impact Sharestates Borrowers?

How were Sharestate’s real estate borrowers impacted by COVID-19?

What Support Has Sharestates Offered Their Borrowers During the Pandemic?

Allen explains how Sharestates supported their clients through 2020.

How Have Collateral Values Been Impacted by Covid-19?

How have loan and asset values been impacted in 2020?

How Has the Foreclosure Moratorium Impacted Real Estate Lending in New York?

How have loan and asset values been impacted in 2020?

When Did Real Estate Construction Open Back up in New York?

How did New York’s construction open back up and is it still open?

At What Point Did Sharestates Resume Lending in 2020?

When was Sharestates able to open up loan programs again?

What Were The Changes To Sharestates’ Underwriting Guidelines in 2020?

How did Sharestates’ underwriting guidelines tighten during the pandemic?

How Did Investor Appetites Change in 2020?

What happened to Sharestates’ retail and whole loan buyers last year?

Is Now a Good Time To Invest?

What does the real estate investment market look like? Is now a good time to invest?

What Do The First Two Quarters of 2021 Look Like For Sharestates?

What are Sharestates’ plans for the first half of 2021?

What Does The Typical Sharestates Loan Profile Look Like?

What is the average LTV, asset classes, and more?

What Will Commercial Real Estate Look Like Going Forward?

How does Allen predict the industry will perform over the next few years?

What Does the Real Estate Investing Landscape Look Like in 2021?

How does Allen predict the industry will perform over the next few years?

What Are The Key Lessons Business Owners Should Take Away From the Pandemic?

What lessons did COVID-19 teach the Sharestates team?

opalSharestates CEO, Allen Shayanfekr’s panel discussion on the OPAL Virtual Marketplace Lending and Alternative Investment Summit panel. For your convenience, we’ve broken the video down by the topics of the discussion below.

What Is The Sharestates Investment Platform?

Sharestates CEO & Co-founder, Allen Shayanfekr shares how the Sharestates platform has grown over the last 5 years.

How Will The COVID-19 Pandemic Impact The Real Estate And Alternative Investment Markets?

Allen discusses the temporary and permanent changes that have occurred in the market and legislation following March 2020.

How Long Until We Start To See Industrial Originations Pickup?

Will industrial originations ever go back to pre-covid numbers? Allen shares his thoughts on the industry and the diminishing need for office space going forward.

Can Real Estate Companies Maintain Working From Home Going Forward?

What are the costs and benefits of indefinitely working from home?

Sharestates Secondary Markets Software

Allen shares that Sharestates is working on a new Whitelabel option for secondary markets.


Sharestates has announced this morning that the company has hired Stephan Leccese as it’s Chief Strategy and Growth Officer. Stephan will initially focus on two new corporate brands: NPL Swap – a marketplace for non-performing loans; and Investors Loan Servicing – a specialized servicer for business purpose loans.

“The team at Sharestates has built an impressive real estate fintech platform.  I am excited about my new role and the opportunity to help Sharestates continue to expand beyond its successful direct lending business,” said Stephan Leccese.

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