Sharestates CEO Allen Shayanfekr recently participated in IMN’s Non-QM Virtual Forum. Allen’s panel covered “The Changing Equation Of Loan Retention Length vs. When To Sell or Securitize”. For your convenience, we’ve broken the video down by the topics of the discussion below.

How Has Liquidity Changed for Real Estate Originators Over The Last Year?

Sharestates CEO & Co-founder, Allen Shayanfekr shares how liquidity changes have impacted real estate originations.

Sharestates Recent Product Innovation

Allen shares what recent product Sharestates has developed.

Due Diligence For Transitional Loans

Allen shares his thoughts on how transitional loans have shifted over the last year.


Sharestates CEO, Allen Shayanfekr, was interviewed by Kilgour Williams Capital for their webinar CanLend – Lending in the COVID World. Since the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sharestates has remained active as one of the leading marketplace lending platforms. In this webinar, Allen Shayanfekr discussed how the private lending industry has responded to the COVID pandemic as well as his predictions for what lies ahead for the industry.

Introduction to Sharestates – Lending in the COVID Era – Short-term Residential Mortgages Panel

Sharestates CEO Allen Shayanfekr introduces the Sharestates company.

How Did Covid-19 Impact the Sharestates Business?

What were some of the first changes made to the company in the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic?

How Did Covid-19 Impact Sharestates Borrowers?

How were Sharestate’s real estate borrowers impacted by COVID-19?

What Support Has Sharestates Offered Their Borrowers During the Pandemic?

Allen explains how Sharestates supported their clients through 2020.

How Have Collateral Values Been Impacted by Covid-19?

How have loan and asset values been impacted in 2020?

How Has the Foreclosure Moratorium Impacted Real Estate Lending in New York?

How have loan and asset values been impacted in 2020?

When Did Real Estate Construction Open Back up in New York?

How did New York’s construction open back up and is it still open?

At What Point Did Sharestates Resume Lending in 2020?

When was Sharestates able to open up loan programs again?

What Were The Changes To Sharestates’ Underwriting Guidelines in 2020?

How did Sharestates’ underwriting guidelines tighten during the pandemic?

How Did Investor Appetites Change in 2020?

What happened to Sharestates’ retail and whole loan buyers last year?

Is Now a Good Time To Invest?

What does the real estate investment market look like? Is now a good time to invest?

What Do The First Two Quarters of 2021 Look Like For Sharestates?

What are Sharestates’ plans for the first half of 2021?

What Does The Typical Sharestates Loan Profile Look Like?

What is the average LTV, asset classes, and more?

What Will Commercial Real Estate Look Like Going Forward?

How does Allen predict the industry will perform over the next few years?

What Does the Real Estate Investing Landscape Look Like in 2021?

How does Allen predict the industry will perform over the next few years?

What Are The Key Lessons Business Owners Should Take Away From the Pandemic?

What lessons did COVID-19 teach the Sharestates team?

opalSharestates CEO, Allen Shayanfekr’s panel discussion on the OPAL Virtual Marketplace Lending and Alternative Investment Summit panel. For your convenience, we’ve broken the video down by the topics of the discussion below.

What Is The Sharestates Investment Platform?

Sharestates CEO & Co-founder, Allen Shayanfekr shares how the Sharestates platform has grown over the last 5 years.

How Will The COVID-19 Pandemic Impact The Real Estate And Alternative Investment Markets?

Allen discusses the temporary and permanent changes that have occurred in the market and legislation following March 2020.

How Long Until We Start To See Industrial Originations Pickup?

Will industrial originations ever go back to pre-covid numbers? Allen shares his thoughts on the industry and the diminishing need for office space going forward.

Can Real Estate Companies Maintain Working From Home Going Forward?

What are the costs and benefits of indefinitely working from home?

Sharestates Secondary Markets Software

Allen shares that Sharestates is working on a new Whitelabel option for secondary markets.


Sharestates has announced this morning that the company has hired Stephan Leccese as it’s Chief Strategy and Growth Officer. Stephan will initially focus on two new corporate brands: NPL Swap – a marketplace for non-performing loans; and Investors Loan Servicing – a specialized servicer for business purpose loans.

“The team at Sharestates has built an impressive real estate fintech platform.  I am excited about my new role and the opportunity to help Sharestates continue to expand beyond its successful direct lending business,” said Stephan Leccese.

To read the full release click the button below.

Recently, Sharestates CEO Allen Shayanfekr was interviewed by Peter Renton on the Lend Academy Podcast. The conversation covered topics ranging from Sharestates origin story, the company’s response to COVID-19, and the company’s plans moving forward.




To read the entire transcript click here.

Sharestates Origin Story

Peter Renton: It’s been four years since we last chatted on the show and I know a lot has happened, but maybe before we get started, for those listeners who don’t know Sharestates, why don’t you just share how you describe the company today.

Allen Shayanfekr: Sure. Sharestates is a business purpose mortgage loan marketplace platform so we, essentially, have created a marketplace for borrowers and real estate speculators. They fill online, submit loan applications, handle their loan application, and loan sourcing needs digitally. Once that loan is actually underwritten and closed by our system, we then make that loan available via our investor marketplace to both whole loans institutional investors as well as individual retail investors and smaller institutions for syndicated investments.

Sharestates’ Response to COVID-19

Peter Renton: There is a lot of unknowns and we don’t know about stimulus and all that sort of thing. So, I’m curious about, you know, what you did internally staffing-wise because obviously you went down pretty dramatically in originations and maybe just tell us how you managed the staff and like what sort of furloughing you did. I was listening to this interview where that said you really… shifted a whole bunch of people and you said you didn’t have to lay off that many so tell us about that.

Allen Shayanfekr: We had pre-COVID 135 people on staff. We ended up letting go of approximately 25 people, it’s not an easy decision at all and it’s something that we really tried to hold off on doing for several months. We didn’t do it as quickly as some other companies did, meaning generally not lending companies, but eventually, we had to make that difficult decision. As far as the rest of the staff, what we tried to do is to save as many jobs as possible and just transitioned them to different departments.

Sharestates’ Plans for the Future

Peter Renton: As you look to 2021, I’m sure most of us are looking forward to a new year, to have 2020 behind us, what are you excited about, what are your goals for the business towards the next year.

Allen Shayanfekr: We have a couple of exciting initiatives. Aside from continuing to grow our core business, we have plans to launch an NPL, non-performing loan marketplace, recognizing that there will be defaults that will happen as a result of the COVID pandemic, there will be a need for certain lenders and aggregators to have to offer those. We’re targeting November or December for the launch of our NPL marketplace, it’s really built as a full end-to-end automated service for buyers and sellers to interact through an organized platform, streamline the process for selling the non-performing loan and hopefully get better execution for the seller and then separately from that, we’re also starting a business purpose loan servicing platform.

new normal“There is no more normal,” Allen Shayanfekr, CEO and co-founder of Sharestates told MPA when talking about the impact of COVID-19 on commercial lending. “We’ve been hearing for months about getting back to a level of normalcy, but the reality is, no one knows what that is.”

In this article, Allen addresses how has the COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted the commercial real estate market from the lender, investor, and borrower perspectives. He also discusses how government economic support has helped to begin the stabilizing process of real estate transactions.

To read the full article click the link below!

bips interview with michael raminMichael Ramin, Sharestates VP of business development is interviewed by Kim Zar Bloorian and Yaakov Zar.  For your convenience, we’ve broken the video down by the topics of the discussion below.

Sharestates Genesis Story

Sharestates VP of Business Development, Michael Ramin shares the Sharestates genesis story with the BIPS team.

How has the coronavirus affected Sharestates? How has the lending business for Sharestates changed as a result?

Michael Ramin shares how the Sharestates community of investors and borrowers responded to the national crisis as well as how the company responded.

What types of loans does Sharestates lend on?

Michael shares the deal types that Sharestates is currently funding.

What is the current Sharestates lending process?

How can borrowers get to the closing table faster with Sharestates.

What was Michael’s experience like working for the MTA as a real estate manager?

How did that experience impact his role at Sharestates?

What was one of Sharestates’ strangest loan stories?

How did the Sharestates underwriting department respond?

How can it been for the Sharestates team working from home?

Michael Ramin shares his thoughts on real estate professionals working from home.

Sharestates’ Director of Business Development, Michael Ramin, was recently interviewed on the Handsome Home Buyer Podcast. Michael discussed his inspiration for pursuing a real estate career as well as how the company is managing since the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Watch the full interview below.

Sharestates’ CEO Allen Shayanfekr partnered with AlphaFlow’s CEO Ray Sturm to discuss their outlook for the private lending industry. For the complete interview, click here. For your convenience, we’ve broken the video down by the topics of the discussion below.

Executive Leadership Outlook with Sharestates Featuring AlphaFlow

Brief company bios.

How has AlphaFlow Been Managing Since 2020 Began? And More Specifically Since COVID-19?

How has COVID-19 impacted business at AlphaFlow?

How Has Sharestates Been Managing Since 2020 Began? And More Specifically Since COVID-19?

How has COVID-19 impacted business at Sharestates?

Did Being “Ahead of the Curve” on Tech And Building Your Own Platform Pay Off During COVID-19?

How did a tech-focused mentality position Sharestates for longterm success?

What Is The Genesis Of AlphaFlow? Why Did You Start Investing With Sharestates?

How did the concept of AlphaFlow come about?

What Was The Genesis Of Sharestates? How Did It Eventually Evolve Into An AlphaFlow Partnership?

How did the concept for Sharestates come about?

What Has Changed At AlphaFlow Since Launching Five Years Ago? What Has Changed Since COVID-19?

How has AlpaFlow changed since first launching?

How Will Private Lenders Change To Become More Stable Post-COVID-19?

How do capital markets impact the overall stability of Sharestates?

Will Small Lenders Start To Raise Funds?

What is Sharestates’ plan to continue sourcing diverse capital?

How Does This Recession Compare To The Recession of 2008-2009?

How does today’s market downturn compare to the great recessions according to Ray Sturm?

What Does This DownTurn Look Like For Sharestates?

How has this market downtown impacted Sharestates?

AlphaFlow’s 2020 Outlook. When Do They Plan On Returning To The Office?

When does Ray anticipate a return to the office?

Sharestates 2020 Outlook? When Do They Plan On Returning To The Office?

When does Allen anticipate a return to the office?

Sharestates CEO, Allen Shayanfekr, was featured on an installment of the National Mortgage Professional’s Mortgage Leadership Outlook series. Allen joined the series’ host, Andrew Berman, as they explored how Sharestates has been coping during the COVID-19 pandemic, what trends he is seeing in the industry, and much more. For the complete interview, click here. For your convenience, we’ve broken the video down by the topics of discussion below.

How did Sharestates get started?

Allen discusses how the concept for Sharestates came about.

The Evolution of Real Estate Crowdfunding According to Sharestates

How have real estate crowdfunding and mortgage lending evolved over time?

What are the Different Real Estate Investor Types?

Allen discusses the varying mortgage investor types on the Sharestates platform.

Sharestates Ability to Lend during COVID Pandemic

Allen discusses how the company responded to the COVID Pandemic in terms of lending.

Sharestates Investor Terms for Institutions and Individuals

How are investment terms structured for individual and institutional investors buying into the same loan?

How Have Sharestates Loan Values Changed During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

How have Sharestates mortgage values been impacted by the pandemic?

How was the Sharestates Transition From Office to Remote Work?

How was Sharestates able to quickly move 100% of its staff to a remote work schedule?

Where Can Real Estate Developers Find Opportunities During the Pandemic?

What opportunity areas still exist for mortgage borrowers looking for their next project?

What Types of Assets Does Sharestates Fund?

What asset types does Sharestates lend mortgages on?

How will Market Conditions and Federal and State Responses Impact The Real Estate Market?

How will the current market and the latest responses from government officials impact the mortgage lending industry?

What Does The Future Look Like for Sharestates?

What does Allen think the future of the company looks like?

How Do Real Estate Brokers fit Into the Sharestates Model?

How do mortgage brokers fit into Sharestates’ business model? What products were designed specifically for them?

What was the First Group of Investors to Return to Sharestates to Invest?

Which investor type returned to the Sharestates platform first? Individual or Institutional?

When Will Sharestates Return to the Office Setting?

When does Allen anticipate a return to the office?