Sharestates CEO Allen Shayanfekr was recently interviewed on The Five Star Institute’s DS5 news channel. Allen discussed the state of the private lending industry and what investors can expect moving forward. For your convenience, we’ve linked to the video below.

DS5: Inside the Industry

Sharestates CEO & Co-founder, Allen Shayanfekr shares the company’s approach to real estate investing. Click below to watch today!



Sharestates CEO Allen Shayanfekr recently participated in IMN’s Non-QM Virtual Forum. Allen’s panel covered “The Changing Equation Of Loan Retention Length vs. When To Sell or Securitize”. For your convenience, we’ve broken the video down by the topics of the discussion below.

How Has Liquidity Changed for Real Estate Originators Over The Last Year?

Sharestates CEO & Co-founder, Allen Shayanfekr shares how liquidity changes have impacted real estate originations.

Sharestates Recent Product Innovation

Allen shares what recent product Sharestates has developed.

Due Diligence For Transitional Loans

Allen shares his thoughts on how transitional loans have shifted over the last year.


opalSharestates CEO, Allen Shayanfekr’s panel discussion on the OPAL Virtual Marketplace Lending and Alternative Investment Summit panel. For your convenience, we’ve broken the video down by the topics of the discussion below.

What Is The Sharestates Investment Platform?

Sharestates CEO & Co-founder, Allen Shayanfekr shares how the Sharestates platform has grown over the last 5 years.

How Will The COVID-19 Pandemic Impact The Real Estate And Alternative Investment Markets?

Allen discusses the temporary and permanent changes that have occurred in the market and legislation following March 2020.

How Long Until We Start To See Industrial Originations Pickup?

Will industrial originations ever go back to pre-covid numbers? Allen shares his thoughts on the industry and the diminishing need for office space going forward.

Can Real Estate Companies Maintain Working From Home Going Forward?

What are the costs and benefits of indefinitely working from home?

Sharestates Secondary Markets Software

Allen shares that Sharestates is working on a new Whitelabel option for secondary markets.


Sharestates has announced this morning that the company has hired Stephan Leccese as it’s Chief Strategy and Growth Officer. Stephan will initially focus on two new corporate brands: NPL Swap – a marketplace for non-performing loans; and Investors Loan Servicing – a specialized servicer for business purpose loans.

“The team at Sharestates has built an impressive real estate fintech platform.  I am excited about my new role and the opportunity to help Sharestates continue to expand beyond its successful direct lending business,” said Stephan Leccese.

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new normal“There is no more normal,” Allen Shayanfekr, CEO and co-founder of Sharestates told MPA when talking about the impact of COVID-19 on commercial lending. “We’ve been hearing for months about getting back to a level of normalcy, but the reality is, no one knows what that is.”

In this article, Allen addresses how has the COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted the commercial real estate market from the lender, investor, and borrower perspectives. He also discusses how government economic support has helped to begin the stabilizing process of real estate transactions.

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bips interview with michael raminMichael Ramin, Sharestates VP of business development is interviewed by Kim Zar Bloorian and Yaakov Zar.  For your convenience, we’ve broken the video down by the topics of the discussion below.

Sharestates Genesis Story

Sharestates VP of Business Development, Michael Ramin shares the Sharestates genesis story with the BIPS team.

How has the coronavirus affected Sharestates? How has the lending business for Sharestates changed as a result?

Michael Ramin shares how the Sharestates community of investors and borrowers responded to the national crisis as well as how the company responded.

What types of loans does Sharestates lend on?

Michael shares the deal types that Sharestates is currently funding.

What is the current Sharestates lending process?

How can borrowers get to the closing table faster with Sharestates.

What was Michael’s experience like working for the MTA as a real estate manager?

How did that experience impact his role at Sharestates?

What was one of Sharestates’ strangest loan stories?

How did the Sharestates underwriting department respond?

How can it been for the Sharestates team working from home?

Michael Ramin shares his thoughts on real estate professionals working from home.

Sharestates’ Director of Business Development, Michael Ramin, was recently interviewed on the Handsome Home Buyer Podcast. Michael discussed his inspiration for pursuing a real estate career as well as how the company is managing since the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Watch the full interview below.

Sharestates CEO, Allen Shayanfekr, was featured on an installment of the National Mortgage Professional’s Mortgage Leadership Outlook series. Allen joined the series’ host, Andrew Berman, as they explored how Sharestates has been coping during the COVID-19 pandemic, what trends he is seeing in the industry, and much more. For the complete interview, click here. For your convenience, we’ve broken the video down by the topics of discussion below.

How did Sharestates get started?

Allen discusses how the concept for Sharestates came about.

The Evolution of Real Estate Crowdfunding According to Sharestates

How have real estate crowdfunding and mortgage lending evolved over time?

What are the Different Real Estate Investor Types?

Allen discusses the varying mortgage investor types on the Sharestates platform.

Sharestates Ability to Lend during COVID Pandemic

Allen discusses how the company responded to the COVID Pandemic in terms of lending.

Sharestates Investor Terms for Institutions and Individuals

How are investment terms structured for individual and institutional investors buying into the same loan?

How Have Sharestates Loan Values Changed During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

How have Sharestates mortgage values been impacted by the pandemic?

How was the Sharestates Transition From Office to Remote Work?

How was Sharestates able to quickly move 100% of its staff to a remote work schedule?

Where Can Real Estate Developers Find Opportunities During the Pandemic?

What opportunity areas still exist for mortgage borrowers looking for their next project?

What Types of Assets Does Sharestates Fund?

What asset types does Sharestates lend mortgages on?

How will Market Conditions and Federal and State Responses Impact The Real Estate Market?

How will the current market and the latest responses from government officials impact the mortgage lending industry?

What Does The Future Look Like for Sharestates?

What does Allen think the future of the company looks like?

How Do Real Estate Brokers fit Into the Sharestates Model?

How do mortgage brokers fit into Sharestates’ business model? What products were designed specifically for them?

What was the First Group of Investors to Return to Sharestates to Invest?

Which investor type returned to the Sharestates platform first? Individual or Institutional?

When Will Sharestates Return to the Office Setting?

When does Allen anticipate a return to the office?

private lendingThe COVID-19 Pandemic took us all by surprise. No one could have planned for it and it has brought many industries to a massive halt in business. How has the Pandemic impacted the private lending space? What will private lending look like in the months and years to come? Sharestates CEO and Co-founder Allen Shayanfekr joined other private lenders during a panel discussion hosted by American Association of Private Lenders to discuss the state of the industry.

What are Sharestates new Lending Parameters? How has Underwriting Changed for the Private Lending Company?

Allen discusses how the capital market and underwriting teams have responded to COVID-19’s impact on the private lending market.

Listen to the answer to this question on Youtube.

How is Sharestates Handling the Process of Forbearance Requests? Has the Company Seen a Spike?

Allen discusses the rate of forbearance requests that Sharestates has seen following COVID-19.

Listen to the answer to this question on Youtube.

When Does Sharestates Anticipate Being Able To Significantly Lend Again?

Allen discusses how the business is still lending but will begin the process of lending to a larger audience in the coming months.

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What Significant Challenges Has COVID-19 Presented to Sharestates?

Allen discusses how profitability of the business still remains its core focus and how COVID-19 has impacted the process, if at all.

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private lending during covid-19During the COVID-19 pandemic, there are been many speculations about how the private lending industry will fair and what recovery timelines will actually look like. Recently Sharestates CEO, Allen Shayanfekr, and Director of Business Development, Michael Ramin, hosted a webinar with the National Real Estate Investor. The topic for discussion was Navigating the New Reality Real Estate Recovery Planning in an age of Uncertainty. Below we’ll explore each of the questions posed to the Sharestates team as well as link directly to the video clip for each answer.

What was the real estate borrowing climate like before March 13, 2020, when the president declared a national state of emergency, and how has it changed since then?

Michael Ramin discusses how private lending rates and construction trends have changed following stay-at-home orders.

Listen to the answer to this question on Youtube.

What did the debt capital picture look like before the declaration of emergency, and what has changed since mid-March?

Allen Shayanfekr discusses how the debt capital space has changed since the earlier days of private lending to just before the Declaration of Emergency. He also explains what the landscape looks like now.

Listen to the answer to this question on Youtube.

Are there any areas of borrowing and lending that are picking up as a result of the coronavirus crisis, and, if so, what are they?

Michael Ramin discusses how developers are still active looking into non-performing loans, REOs, and other foreclosures since the Declaration of Emergency.

Listen to the answer to this question on Youtube.

Do you see institutional investors shifting their attention to any particular areas of interest as a result of the crisis, or are they being tightfisted? What about retail investors?

Allen discusses how institutions are now facing margin call issues following the COVID-19.  He also shares the importance of diversifying your capital sources between individuals and institutions.

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What are going to be the short-term and long-term effects on real estate borrowing and lending, and what can platforms that facilitate these transactions do to encourage more activity?

Michael discusses his view of the market going forward. Specifically, lenders putting an even larger emphasis on borrower track records.

Listen to the answer to this question on Youtube.

What about on the institutional side? How will the access to and the cost of capital be affected over the next year, and is there anything investing platforms can do to encourage the infusion of new capital coming out of this crisis?

Allen projects a continued slow down in investing for at least 6 to 9 months. Key indicators that capital markets are beginning to open up again will be the first investments made. Many investors do not want to be the first to begin business as usual.

Listen to the answer to this question on Youtube.

In some areas of the country, state governments have ordered operations to cease in certain sectors of the economy, particularly non-life sustaining businesses. Real estate development is one of them. How has that impacted the deal sponsorship side of the house?

Michael discusses the impact of a pause of work order for non-essential real estate developments. He highlights the importance technology plays in states still allowing construction through options such as E-closings.

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What’s that look like from the capital side of the house. Are investors still looking for deals and can’t find them, or have they noticed a slowdown? How do they feel about it?

Allen sheds light on how investors are still looking for discounted legacy pre-COVID products as well as new, valuated and tested products established for the post-COVID world.

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How are real estate terms, risk assessment, and underwriting practices changing in the face of the crisis?

Michael sheds light on how lenders have readjusted their lending parameters following the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes even more stringent underwriting policies.

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What kind of terms are investors seeking now? Have they adjusted their expectations?

Allen shares investor appetite prior to COVID-19 and how that appetite has changed since the pandemic.

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Give me your best and worst-case scenarios for the economy and then for private lending in real estate.

Allen shares his outlook for the economy and private lending spaces.

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