Donald Trump, Greece, and Collateralized Assets

collateralized assets
Lately, it seems as if every newscast brings a story of either Donald Trump’s controversial comments or Greece’s economic woes...

Sharestates Explained in 75 Seconds

Curious about how works? Give us 75 seconds and you will know! From both the investor and borrower standpoint...

Start Building Your Real Estate Portfolio With Sharestates

investment portfolio
Ready to take your investment portfolio to the next level?  Investing in real estate can be the best option for making...

Crowdfunding Panel at the Real Deal Forum May 2015

Watch our CEO Allen Shayanfekr on the Crowdfunding Panel at The Real Deal Forum in NYC (May 2015)

Allen Shayanfekr Speaking at the First Annual Real Estate Brunch

Sharestates CEO
Watch our CEO, Allen Shayanfekr speak at the First Annual Real Estate Brunch in New York. Allen will explain the Sharestates...

Allen Shayanfekr On Real Estate Investing With Newfinance

Sharestates CEO
Check out our CEO, Allen Shayanfekr explaining the ins and outs of . Stay tuned in for a sweet Q&A...

Gift a Piece of Real Estate

shares of real estate
Looking for a gift that will still be valuable for time to come? Finding the perfect gift to give for a...

Sharestates Accepted Into PitchIt @ LendIt

Allen Shayanfekr
This week, we received an email from Peter Renton (Lend Academy) with some exciting news. We were chosen as one...

Join Our CEO at LendIt NYC April 13-15

Our CEO Allen Shayanfekr will be part of the Real Estate Crowdfunding Property Types panel on April 15th at 4:45pm...

Allen Shayanfekr Explains Real Estate Crowdfunding

long island real estate investments
Real estate crowdfunding is the latest form of real estate investing in the digital age. Similar to REITs, real estate...