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Head Hunted with Allen Shayanfekr CEO of Sharestates

Sharestates CEO and Co-founder shares his best and worst experiences from interviews with possible candidates. Below are three valuable pieces of advice to heed before your next interview.

Keep your Interview Professional

Shayanfekr explains why it is always a bad idea to be too comfortable during the interview process.  Showing poor vocabulary or communication skills can dampen opportunities for even the most qualified candidates. Shayanfekr advises interviewees to “keep the formality of the situation”. Should you accept the offer and dedicate time to the position you will, without doubt, develop closer relationships with some staff and that would be a better time to “let your hair down”.

Don’t lie on your Resume

One of the worst situations for both the interviewer and interviewee to find themselves in is a dishonest one. Shayanfekr explains that he has been in interviews where the candidate clearly lied on their CV and effectively ended up wasting everyone’s time by going through with the interview.

Be Prepared to Ask Questions

One way for a candidate to show their interest in a position is to be prepared to not only answer questions but ask them. One of the best questions Sharestates CEO says he was ever asked was “Would you work for Sharestates or one of its competitors and why?” Doing adequate research prior to an interview will allow you to generate questions to ask during your interview.

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