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How Sharestates Began

Sharestates is an online real estate investment marketplace founded in 2013. The platform’s growth since then has made it one of the largest private lenders in the Nation. Watch two of Sharestates founders explain the origin story of America’s private lender.

The Problem: Access to Quality Real Estate Deals

Historically, access to quality real estate investment has been difficult for many based on capital limitations and location. Investors looking to fractionally participate in real estate projects found that minimum investment requirements exceeded their maximum investment amounts. It is also near impossible for accredited investors to source and perform due diligence on projects across the county.  These are the two problems that Sharestates’ founders Allen Shayanfekr, Radni, and Raymond Y. Davoodi sought to solve with their platform. Sharestates allows investors to fractionally invest in projects in 47 states Nationwide. Investors are able to perform due diligence on properties without ever leaving their desk and invest as little as $5,000.

The Solution: Bringing Wall Street to Main Street

Foundationally, Sharestates solves the problem of access to real estate investments by bridging the gap between real estate developers who are out in their local neighborhoods sourcing loans and investors looking for quality real estate projects to participate in. The merging of these two audiences is exactly how Sharestates has found its success. For the first time, funds of all sizes are investing alongside individual investors to bring real estate developers vision’s to life.

Watch the video to learn more and contact us if you have questions!

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