The Evolution of Sharestates with Allen Shayanfekr

“The risk associated to one single deal is not worth the potential downfall of your company, don’t straddle the gray line make sure you are doing things the right way.” Allen Shayanfker, CEO of Sharestates.

Sharestates as a Real Estate Crowdfunding Option

Real estate crowdfunding is the latest form of real estate investing in the digital age. Similar to REITs, real estate crowdfunding sites allow investors to come together and fund a real estate loan for a qualified borrower.

Sharestates Real Estate Development Project

Need funding for a real estate development project? Check out the video below. Learn how developers can fund many projects at the same time by using real estate crowdfunding. < Watch the video below to see how funds real estate developments through crowdfunding. Have you recently funded for your real estate development project with […]