> Am I guaranteed a return on my investment?

Am I guaranteed a return on my investment?

Sharestates cannot guarantee any returns, and past returns are not indicative of future returns. However, Sharestates performs stringent due diligence on every project using our 34-point underwriting and risk assessment process. Because each real estate project is structured differently, investors should read all relevant offering materials before investing in projects.

Debt projects deliver monthly interest payments to private investors and a balloon interest payment at maturity. Equity projects vary in structure and each offers its own potential return on investment based on our review of the project. Sharestates performs due diligence on the real estate investment as well as on the borrower, and all relevant information is shared with investors. Some private equity real estate investments deliver returns at the end of the loan term while others provide investors with monthly dividends and a balloon payment upon maturity. It is important for investors to read all offering materials on each project to understand how each real estate project is structured.