Who can invest at Sharestates?

Currently, real estate investing opportunities at Sharestates are open only to accredited investors and foreign non-U.S. investors.

The SEC defines an accredited investor as a high net worth individual with total assets equal to $1 million or more, either alone or with one’s spouse, outside of one’s personal residence, or whose earned income equaled $200,000 (or $300,000 with a spouse) in each of the previous two years with the expectation that the current year’s income will be the same or higher.

For institutional investors, an accredited investor is one with assets in excess of $5 million as long as the institution was not formed specifically for the purchase of the target security and as long as the target security is purchased by a sophisticated investor or all equity owners of the institution are accredited investors.

See “is Sharestates open to foreign investors” for more info on non-US persons and foreign investors.

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