> What is the Sharestates real estate crowdfunding process?

What is the Sharestates real estate crowdfunding process?

The Sharestates crowdfunding process is very similar to any other funding option via Sharestates. This is because Sharestates will pre-fund a loan, only opening it to the crowdfunding platform after closing. For all questions regarding funding sources, please contact Sharestates directly.

There are two ways to submit a real estate project for consideration. Following application submission, allow one to two business days to receive an approval on your project as well as receive the necessary next steps to secure a closing date. Submit your application by selecting one of the below options:

  1. Submit your real estate loan application using the Sharestates online borrower portal(https://www.sharestates.com/get-financing)
  2. Create an account on sharestates.com and submit your loan application directly via your Sharestates account

Once you have an approval on your loan application, you will receive a term sheet from one of our representatives. As each project varies, the steps to closing will then be determined by our senior underwriting and processing teams based on the complexity of your individual deal.

For any questions regarding the lending process, please contact hello@sharestates.com or call (212) 201-0750.