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Ways to Invest

We have data-backed investment options for customizing and diversifying your portfolio to align with your investment goals. Not sure what you’re looking for? Sharestates is here to listen to your needs, provide full transparency and help build the right portfolio to do the work for you. 


Fix and Flip →

Hampstead, North Carolina

Acquisition and Rehab Financing
Loan Amount: $332,000
Gross Rate: 13.00%
Investor Rate: 12.00%
Term (months): 12
LTV: 59%
LTC: 79%
ARV: 60%


Heavy Rehab →

Bronx, New York

Rehab Financing
Loan Amount: $1,350,000
Gross Rate: 12.50%
Investor Rate: 11.50%
Term (months): 12
LTV: 51%
ARV: 45%


Construction →

Trotwood, Ohio

Construction Loan
Loan Amount: $196,000
Gross Rate: 14.00%
Investor Rate: 13.00%
Term (months): 12
LTV: 68%
ARV: 70%


Mixed Use →

Chicago, Illinois

Cash-Out Refinance
Loan Amount: $1,470,000
Gross Rate: 11.50%
Investor Rate: 10.50%
Term (months): 12
LTV: 70%

Choose from multiple property types, phases and different capital stack levels based on risk tolerance and investment goals.


Double Digit Returns
Up to 12% net annual return

Collateralized Assets
Each loan collateralized by the asset itself

Flexibility of choosing exact loan investments

Low Volatility
Fixed income asset loans

Cash Flowing
Monthly interest payments

Processes driven by strict variables

Scalability & Automation
Rapid and efficient reporting processes

Monthly, quarterly and real-time updates

Get started with as little as $5,000

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