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Through a user-friendly experience, Sharestates offers investors direct access to real estate investments with net annualized returns between 8-12%.

By investing through our crowdfunding platform, accredited investors can easily build a real estate portfolio by investing alongside one another and multi-billion-dollar investment funds. Each one of our loans is thoroughly assessed with our 34-point underwriting program. In addition, each loan is collateralized by the real estate itself, and comes with personal and corporate guarantees from each borrower.

Our unparalleled access to dealflow and deep underwriting expertise helps you identify the most promising real estate investment opportunities and secure premium listings. Our track record of returns – 11% on average, with zero lost principal – reflects sharp focus on, and excellence in, underwriting of real estate investment properties.

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How it works

  • Real estate developers apply for loan funding

  • Sharestates underwrites the loan using a 34-point risk assessment system

  • Investors can view approved loans online and invest in increments of $1,000

  • Real estate developers receive the capital to purchase/renovate the property

  • Investors receive monthly interest payments, with a return of principal at the end of the term

Example Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Sharestates was nominated as “Top Emerging Real Estate Platform” by Fintech industry
leader LendIt. As the fastest growing online real estate lender, we have been featured in:


  • “As a busy physician that works over 50 hours per week, I am very interested in investing and having my money work for me. I totally embrace the crowdfunding concept, as it allows me to diversify my investments over several properties and earn a high yield/return on investments without having to worry about dealing with tenants and property maintenance issues. I also appreciate the low $1,000 investment minimums on the Sharestates platform, which allow me to spread my investment dollars over several different properties with ease. Thank you, Sharestates, for making such excellent real estate investing opportunities available to the little guy.”

    Chirag Amin

  • “It was difficult for me to find the time to diversify my assets into real estate ownership. Fortunately with Allen and his team of experts, I have been able to build a successful portfolio of real estate assets that has not only provided me with a consistent income stream but also an avenue to invest alongside others in valuable real estate assets for long term ownership. Allen has provided incredible guidance and personal attention; he has instilled a sense of trust and confidence you rarely find in professionals these days.”

    Michael Cohen MD


Access Exclusive Real Estate
Investment Opportunities

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