What is Sustainability and How Does it Apply to Accredited Investors?

Sustainability refers to practices and concepts that support the environment, health, and the economy. For accredited investors this means improved property values, tenant demand, lower expenses, and improved tenant satisfaction. This is a popular topic with the growing awareness and demand for green building products and technologies.

Finding Commercial Real Estate Loans to Create Value for Your Clients

The real estate business is tough. You know what I mean: generating leads, closing transactions, and getting paid is a constant struggle. For brokers, agents, loan officers, title reps, escrow officers, appraisers, attorneys, and anyone involved in real estate, it’s critical to offer maximum value.

Cap Rate & IRR. Definitions for Accredited Investors.

If you’re an active or accredited investor, you may already be very familiar with the concept of cap rate and internal rate of return (IRR), but it’s always good to review the concept no matter what stage of your investment career you’re in. These financial metrics are some of the most commonly used in the commercial real estate investment business.

Online Real Estate Investment Tools to Manage Your Portfolio

It can take tremendous effort to balance your investment activities with your career, business, and personal life. Fortunately, the modern online real estate investment field offers many tools to help you coordinate your tasks. As an accredited investor, it’s vital to track projects, monitor performance, and manage employees and stakeholders.

Accredited Investors and High-Value Enhanced Return Investments

Equity investment is a long-term strategy that earns returns through dividends on the income the property generates, either on an ongoing basis, or when the property is resold. Equity shares offer the promise of the greatest returns when the project has an extremely successful outcome.

Protecting Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio Through Shared-Risk

There are many real estate investment alternatives available to accredited investors that are seeking to build long-term wealth through stable, low risk investment platforms. A combination of traditional and innovative investment strategies will provide a diversified portfolio with a low risk profile.

Millennials and the Future of Real Estate Investing

Millennials, defined as those born from 1982 to 2000, now hold an estimated population of 84 million in the U.S. Millennials are now the largest age group, outnumbering the baby boomer generation by a population of 10 million.