How Real Estate Investors Fix and Flip Houses on a Budget

Fixing and flipping houses is expensive. In fact, most real estate-related ventures cost a pretty penny. This is all the more reason to establish a healthy budget before tackling a flip job. Don’t stop there. Actually stick to the budget. Real estate investors know that profit is the key to a successful fix and flip.

Top 3 Real Estate Investing Tips for Private Investors

In March, Bankrate published an article titled “Top 10 investing tips for 2017.” With my hat tipped, I’d like to promote three of these for private real estate investors. Below are my top 3 real estate investing tips for private investors.

Three Fintech Apps to Help Teach Better Saving Habits

It takes time, research, and money to become a savvy real estate investor. While most people have the time and the research skills, many do not have adequate funding. With some education and help from nifty fintech apps, becoming a real estate entrepreneur is easier than it seems.

Top 5 College Towns Great For Rental Housing Investors

Investing in rental housing in college towns is a tried-and-true strategy for some. But not all college towns are created equal. At least according to Allen Shayanfekr, CEO of Sharestates, an online real estate investment platform.

Generation Z Likely to Affect the Future of Real Estate

As the first wave of Generation Z comes of age and enters adulthood, the real estate industry is taking a closer look at this unique group because Gen Z, quite simply, has the potential to turn the housing market on its head.

What You Must Know Before Purchasing a Multi-Family Property

Every real estate investment has a value proposition. A comfortable working knowledge of the proposition for one type of transaction, should not be taken to be an expertise in all real estate investments. While it is certainly possible to advance to larger, more financially rewarding transactions, such as a multi-family property, it is important to remember that a new type of transaction means learning a new set of rules.

Knowing How to Prepare For Your First Real Estate Closing

Finding a good residential flip deal is a time consuming task. There are so many factors that go into a flip deal that it can almost feel like a cosmic alignment when financing, the type of repairs, the purchase price and the anticipated After Repair Value all point to a successful flip.

Neighborhood Features That Are Ideal Real Estate Investments

Like any investment, allocating money into real estate investments requires doing some homework and being both familiar, and comfortable with the basic value realization proposition. For example, fix and flip real estate seeks to correct fundamental problems that prevent a residence from commanding a comparable market price.

Factors Contributing to Booming Land Sale Locations

Street vendors know the best location to sell their merchandise and get there before their competition saturates the market. The same approach can help anyone become successful in real estate. However, the competitive environment of the real estate market means the savvy real estate investor needs to move faster than others.