Mortgage Brokers Increase Deal Flow with Correspondent Lenders Help

Correspondent lenders aren’t interested in holding long-term debt instruments. They don’t have a banking mindset. It’s true that ongoing debt repayments can be a good source of income for a mortgage lender, but the correspondent lending business model is not designed to manage that kind of portfolio.

Funding the Fix-and-Flip Market

The fix-and-flip market boomed several years ago as the housing market recovered, and is still a viable and profitable business today. The number from RealtyTrac, a real estate analytics, and data organization, paint a clear picture of a healthy industry.

Pros and Cons of Fix-and-Flipping an Abandoned Home

House flipping has become a great way for thousands of real estate investing entrepreneurs across the country to build income, grow their portfolios, and save money for retirement. Of course, there are as many ways to find your next fix-and-flip property as there are fix-and-flippers, but one way to get into the fix-and-flip game and save money is to invest in an abandoned home.

Fix and Flip Horror Stories

Recently, more television shows surrounding the fix and flip niche have become extremely popular. In reality, you can make money fix and flipping homes. These shows highlight the “good”, such as an amazing renovation and big profits.

2018: The Year of Online Real Estate Financing?

When it comes to investing in real estate, most would-be buyers have a significant decision to make about how they’re going to source the right finance. In recent years, the real estate finance industry has seen increased pressure on risk retention rules and reserve requirements.

How are Investment Properties Taxed?

Any business that frequently profits from the sale of an asset is classified as an active business. The profit you make could come from selling a vehicle, a piece of inventory, or even a real estate investment. Selling your own home and flipping multiple investment properties are two very different concepts in the eyes of the IRS.

Renovations That Will Spare Your Pocketbook

Renovations are a fantastic way to add value to your property and make it easier to sell on the real estate market. However, paying for a new set of windows, a new kitchen, or a different bathroom isn’t something that works for everyone’s budget.

Construction and Robotics In 2018 Real Estate

Real estate is an investment that is often won – or lost – on the margins. While unusual macroeconomic trends and catastrophic events can create an overwhelming environment that makes either success or failure inevitable, the more common dynamic is for relatively small, incremental developments and decisions to make the difference.

The Fix and Flip Path to Financial Freedom

There are many ways to profit from investing in real estate, and long-term strategies such as leveraging cash flow from multi-family residences have their success stories. However, for the small investor willing to put sweat equity into their personal fortune, a fix and flip approach in real estate investing can be the shortest path to financial freedom.