The 4 Types of Investors You’ll Meet on RECF Platforms

Real estate crowdfunding (RECF) gives investors and deal sponsors the ability to connect with each other and earn high returns from that connection. As a deal sponsor, you might be wondering what types of investors actually use real estate crowdfunding websites.

Why Real Estate Crowdfunding Is the Choice for Busy Professionals

Professions such as a doctor, lawyer, entreprenur etc. is very time consuming. In a life mainly consisting of work, it is hard to find time to gear ones energy towards another interest such as investing in real estate. This is where Real Estate Crowdfunding (RECF) and marketplace lending comes in.

6 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing, like so many other industries, is in state of reformation thanks in large part to technological innovation. One of the most powerful innovative new technologies transforming real estate investing today is artificial intelligence (AI). Below are six ways AI is changing real estate investing for the better.