Examples of Converting Warehouses into Lofts Across the US

When it comes to real estate renovation, converting warehouses into lofts project may be one of the most exciting projects for modern developers. Not only are warehouses naturally spacious, but they also provide a unique style that’s perfect for the growing trend of industrial design.

Bringing Life Back to Abandoned Buildings in NYC

In most cities around the world, abandoned buildings are regarded with distaste. This is true for NYC abandoned homes, factories, and buildings too. Abandoned buildings are eyesores, but for some investors, they can also be an incredible opportunity to bring something new to the New York City landscape.

Six Eco Friendly Home Renovation Ideas That Save Money

Home renovation has always been about adding features to a building that both modernize it and make it attractive to potential buyers or renters. The current trend in this area is to add environmentally friendly features that either reduce the impact of the renovation, or actually contribute to the ecological system.