> $100 Million Loan Milestone: A Thank You From Our CEO

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$100 Million Loan Milestone: A Thank You From Our CEO

We have officially reached $100 million in loans made through the Sharestates platform and we are thrilled that you have been a part of it. This milestone could not have been met without your engagement and support of Sharestates and your trust in our team.


Our mission at Sharestates has been to provide access to an alternative asset class that has historically been inaccessible to most: private real estate debt. We realized early on that this mission would not be feasible without large capital partners such as hedge funds and family offices. With our capital partners, Sharestates is able to close loans at a quicker rate (providing value to our borrowers) while allowing our individual investors’ capital to start earning interest immediately. In addition, our capital partners offer an extra layer of due diligence that provides our individual investors with additional confidence in our platform.

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This milestone is only the beginning of what is to come. We’re projecting exponential growth in 2016 as we bring on more capital partners while keeping our underwriting standards to the highest level. Although $100 million is an amazing milestone that gives us great pride, our greatest indicator of success is our repeat investor and borrower base.

Our office doors are always open for our investors, borrowers and partners to stop by, which I invite you to do.

Thank you again for your dedication to Sharestates,

Allen Shayanfekr
CEO, Sharestates

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