How Private Lending Funds Small Multifamily Real Estate Deals

The pandemic affected multifamily housing in several important ways, according to Freddie Mac....

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  • Idaho is more then just potatoes

    Who would have thought Idado would be a place where the housing...

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  • South Florida Real Estate Performance

    What do most people think of when they think of South Florida?...

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  • Building up Newark, New Jersey

    When people think of Newark, New Jersey it doesn’t often bring...

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  • How to Invest in Airbnb, VRBO, and Vacation Rental

    While there are some drawbacks to owning vacation rental properties, some of those drawbacks are also associated with...

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  • Self-Directed IRA: Alternative Assets Hedge Against Stock

    For many investors, a self-directed IRA makes more sense than a traditional IRA where you are limited to the types of...

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  • The State of Post-Moratoria Real Estate Investing

    While the situation in 2008 was dismal, the situation now is less threatening. When the pandemic is over and the...

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  • Home buying today: A rude awakening from ‘the American

    Single-family rentals are growing as a proportion of housing stock. While that’s good news for builders, rental...

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  • The Multifamily Market Is Strong But Nuanced

    Now that the economy is picking up again, a vaccination plan has been implemented, and businesses are getting back to...

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  • How Inflation and the Cost of Building Supplies Drive Home

    There’s no doubt that homebuilders facing inflation and rising costs of materials will have to pass those costs on to...

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  • 28 Oct

    The Cooperator Expo New York

    New York's Biggest & Best Co-Op, Condo & Apt. expo More Info
  • 18 Nov

    Texas Mortgage Roundup – Houston

    If you need to keep your pipeline filled, and you need More Info
  • 18 Nov

    Private Lender Expo – Hard Money Lenders

    Attended by deal makers, clients seeking commercial More Info
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