Earn up to 12% on real estate loans backed by US-based properties

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Sharestates is your firms’ source for quality paper that meet your credit needs. We originate, process, underwrite, and close loans, and market these notes to investors. Yields vary from 10-12% on RTL loans and 7-8% on DSCR loans, and loan purchasing can happen in bulk or forward-flow transactions.

Stats & Trends

A quick look at institutional investing at Sharestates. View detailed information on our statistics page


Average loan size


Average LTV


Average ARV


Total Volume Closed


Average Return – RTL


Average Return – DSCR Loans


Loans w/ Repeat Borrowers

*Based on loans originated since 2021

Ways to Invest

Sharestates offers a wide variety of loan programs. We are here to work with your strategy and can sell loans through both bulk and flow delivery.

Residential Transition (RTL)

Fix & Flip, Ground-Up and Bridge Loans

Loan Buying Options
Loans + Fractional Participation

Gross Coupons: 10-13%
Net to Investor: 9-12%
Term: 12-24 months
LTV: 80%
Loan Sizes: $100k - $75 Million
Loan Purposes: Purchase, Development, Cash-out
Property Types: SFR, 2 – 4 Family, Multi Family, Mixed Use and Small Balance CRE
Development Phases: Light + Heavy Rehab, Ground-up Development


Loan Buying Options
Whole Loans

Gross Coupons: 8 – 10% (sold at a premium)
Term: 30 years w/ 5, 7 and 10 year ARM and FIXED options
LTV: 80%
Loan Sizes: $100k - $10 Million
Loan Purposes: Purchase, Refi, Cash-out
Property Types: SFR, 2 – 4 Family, Multi Family, Mixed Use and Small Balance CRE
Development Phases: Stabilized

Investment Benefits

Double Digit Returns

Double Digit Returns
Up to 12% net annual return

Collateralized Assets

Collateralized Assets
Each loan collateralized by the asset itself


Flexibility of choosing exact loan investments

Low Volatility

Low Volatility
Fixed income asset-backed loans

Cash Flowing

Cash Flowing
Monthly interest payments


Processes driven by strict guidelines

Scalability & Automation

Scalability & Automation
Rapid and efficient reporting processes


Monthly, quarterly and real-time updates

Underwriting & Risk Assessment

Our guidelines and rating system allow investors to easily compare investment offerings.

Property Assessment: Cash-Flow (DSCR) | Loan to Value Ratio (LTV) | Loan To Cost Ratio (LTC) | Loan to After Repair Value Ratio (ARV) | Third Party Appraisal | Property Location | Quality of Market | Development Phase

Borrower Assessment: Track Record
| Experience in Market/Location
| Experience in Project Type
| Experience in Development Phase | Credit Score
| Delinquency History
| Personal & Corporate Guarantee

The Loan Lifecycle

Business Development
Sharestates sales team connects with real estate developers and brokers.
Loan Application
Borrowers submit their real estate loan application using Sharestates’ proprietary platform.
KYC/AML, a cash analysis and examination of elements of our Multi-Factor Underwriting Matrix, completed and documented in the Sharestates platform.
Cleared to Close
Upon approval, loan closing documents are generated on the platform.
Loan Closing
Loan closing is coordinated and loan is funded (sometimes through a warehouse line) on the Sharestates platform.
Collateral Management
Post funding loan collateral is moved to our custodian.
Secondary Loan Sale
Loan is sold to investors through whole loan or fractional participation delivery.
Loan Servicing/Asset Management
Servicing team manages post-closing obligations (draw disbursement, interest payment collection, surveillance).
Sales team reengages with the developer pre-payoff to assist with future funding needs. Upon loan pay off, final disbursements are made to investors.

End-to-End Solution Support

Sharestates provides an entire ecosystem for the real estate professional’s financial needs

America’s Private Lender

Lending Platform
Sharestates’ lending platform originates loans from $100K to $20MM on residential (SFR 1-4), multi-family, mixed-use, and commercial properties. It’s loan programs include residential bridge, fix & flip, new construction, portfolio, and rental loans

Wall Street Deals for Main Street Investors

Institutional loan sales &
crowd funding syndication platform

Sharestates real estate investment marketplace allows accredited individual and institutional investors to participate in rigorously vetted real estate investments.

Conventional mortgage

Sharestates Agency Capital will operate as a traditional online mortgage lender. The company will offer mortgage and re-finance services in selected states and provide complementary loan products to Sharestates Lending. 

Loan servicing platform

Investors Loan Servicing (ILS) is a specialty servicer for performing and non-performing business purpose loans, specializing in loans that require a higher level of service & focus.

LMS technology

Loan Closer is a complete end-to-end loan management system built with customizability and integrations in mind. The software contains a combination of proprietary technology plus API integrations with hundreds of other service providers to support lenders current and emerging needs.

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