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Highly Effective Ways to Market a Newly Renovated Property

It’s easier today than in all of history to reach more people. One of the best ways to market a newly renovated property is by spreading the property’s message. Savvy investors utilize all sorts of means to broadcast a newly renovated property. We’ll take a look at different methods for attracting the most buyers to a completed rehab.

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Marketing a Newly Renovated Property on Social Media

Almost 2.5 billion people use social media across the globe. More than 80 percent of the U.S. peruse social media sites every day, with Facebook leading the way. The numbers continue outpacing themselves and by 2020, experts predict there to be more than 3 billion social media users worldwide. Social media, especially Facebook, helps realtors and investors sell more properties in less time.

According to Realtor Magazine, it’s Facebook’s tracking analytics that’s most useful for marketing a newly renovated property. It provides real-time viewership info on pictures, posts, and ads. Facebook informs users the quantity of views and clicks images receive. Realtors then use this knowledge to determine which property images receive the most attention.

Facebook even allows sellers to target specific demographic groups, regions, and even age groups. Facebook is just one social media platform for increasing business. Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest are just a few others. As Realtor.com states, the better connection you create with people, the better you’ll understand their needs.

It’s true, the more pictures, the higher the chance of selling a property but what’s better than pictures? Videos. Utilize the latest movie-making apps on smartphones or invest in a quality point and shoot camera to create short, attractive videos.

This technique is a great way to highlight unique characteristics about the build, premium materials, accents, structural corrections, and any other special component that buyers wouldn’t otherwise learn from images.

Staging the Property as an Alternative

Posting the property on a zillion social media sites with the best description is only half of the equation. One of the best ways to market a newly renovated property is with an unbeatable bottom line. Here’s where the local realtor comes in handy. They know what the area demands and can suggest an appropriate list price.

Savvy investors who perform extensive research also know what traits of the property differentiate it from comparable units. Shine a spotlight on special features like soundproof walls, updated plumbing, and other hidden structural upgrades. Buyer-focused incentives are another tool realtors use to market new properties.

Proven motivators include incentives like paying closing costs, transferable home warranties, and other deals. Many buyers will overlook a property’s shortcomings before passing up an enticing deal. Staging is another proven marketing technique. Stage the property for its intended purpose. If it’s a corporate facility, showcase it with the latest ergonomic office furniture.

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For residential property, apply neutral, clean colors with just a splash of flair for accents. Keep the place clutter-free and move-in ready. Finally, as the old saying goes, properties don’t sell if they don’t get seen. One of the best ways to market a newly renovated property is to allow agents ample access to the property to show their clients.

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