> Sharestates Offers Non-Performing Loan Financing Nationwide

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Sharestates Offers Non-Performing Loan Financing Nationwide

Sharestates has announced that the company will begin financing Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) in 46 states. NPLs, a vital component of the mortgage market, have traditionally only been available to investors with liquidity to purchase the note through institutional trading desks. Sharestates’ NPL loan product now provides private real estate investors access to leverage, allowing for participation in the market and expanding their investment portfolios into this segment of the marketplace.

“As part of our mission and commitment to our community of real estate professionals, we are actively creating a streamlined financial participation matrix for borrowers and our buyers; starting prior to acquisition and evolving through the hold period of the asset(s)” said Sharestates Co-Founder and CEO, Allen Shayanfekr. “Our capital markets team has been working diligently to structure the right programs, covering all asset classes for borrowers, giving them the flexibility they need to grow their portfolio of holdings.”

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