What Loan Should I Take for Flipping a House?

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Purchasing a distressed property, fixing it, and then selling it for a quick profit can be very rewarding financially. But successfully flipping a house requires a well-thought-out plan and a source of short-term financing. This article provides insight into the types of loans and the costs to expect with a fix and flip house. What […]

What Are the Pros and Cons of Fix and Flips vs. Rental Property?

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For the home buyer, rising home prices, mortgage rates, and somewhat cooling rental rates have significantly changed the decision-making process. According to the Wall Street Journal, the median monthly mortgage payment increased to 1.44 times the monthly asking rental payment at the end of the second quarter of 2022. Market data is one aspect to […]

Real Estate Debt Funds Vs. Single-Asset Debt Investments

Which is a better investment for the serious real estate investor in 2023, real estate debt funds or single-asset debt investments? Before we answer that question, let’s discuss what these two asset classes mean. As you know, a debt investment is an investment in which an investor lends money to a borrower as opposed to […]

Real Estate Investing and Financing

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 In today’s turbulent investment environment, from bitcoin bubbles to gyrating stock prices, real estate investing continues to make sense. There’s a great deal of wisdom in the country song “Buy Dirt.” For all that, how do you get started in real estate, and what are the financing options? This article addresses both questions and provides […]

Does Real Estate Debt’s Rise Mean the Decline of Equity?

Real estate investors have enjoyed a few good years of solid equity opportunities. One common investing strategy is known as the fix-and-flip. The pandemic of 2020 created massive opportunities for real estate equity investors in many markets around the country. Even before then, real estate equity had a good run as a solid investment strategy. […]

How 2022 Fed Rate Hikes Are Impacting Real Estate Investors

This month the Federal Reserve raised its fund rate by another .75 percentage points. That part was expected and wasn’t exactly news. What might have surprised some people was a statement issued by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell regarding the real estate market. Powell said the U.S. housing market is headed for a correction. What did […]

Is Real Estate Private Lending or Fixed-Income a Better Investment?

Investment Options

Private lending isn’t new, but it has seen a surge in growth in the last couple of decades. Since the financial crisis of 2008-09, private debt investing has grown to be a $638 billion dollar asset class. That was in 2017. More than half of the assets under management are direct lending assets. Both direct […]

Can a Real Estate Agent Flip Houses?

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There are no rules prohibiting real estate agents from buying and flipping houses. The caveat is that should a homeowner list their home with a real estate agent who then buys the home for a flipping project, it could represent a conflict of interest. That’s why many states require disclosures for realtors when purchasing or […]

How An Inverted Yield Curve May Impact Real Estate Investing

Inverted Yield Curve

One of the key indicators that economists and analysts use to determine whether we’re headed for a recession is the inverted yield curve. Historically, most recessions have been preceded by an inverted yield curve a few months before. Therefore, it’s important for real estate investors to pay attention to this rare phenomenon with an eye […]

Guide to Flipping Houses in New York

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According to the latest home flipping report from ATTOM, the property database company, the home flipping rate in the first quarter of 2022 was at the highest level since 2000, representing 9.6% of all home sales. That represented nearly a 7% increase from the previous quarter and almost 5% from the first quarter of 2021.  […]