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Introducing the Sharestates High Yield Credit Fund

Choose from our flexible 6, 9, or 12 month terms and earn up to 11%* monthly distributions

Built on an attractive asset class of first lien real estate loans, the Sharestates High Yield Credit Fund (HYCF) offers safety and reliability with attractive monthly income. The Fund offers up to an 11% return and makes monthly distributions, giving clients the return profile of 1st-lien mortgages.

*Based on 12-month commitment

What is the High Yield Credit Fund?

The Sharestates High Yield Credit Fund (the “Fund”) operates as a credit line for the firm’s lending division. It finances the mortgages that Sharestates originates and temporarily owns them before they are sold to the company’s network of institutional and retail investors.

In the lending industry, these types of credit lines are often called warehouse lines or swing lines. Investors can earn the attractive returns that come with real estate loans while reducing risk from the structure of the Fund, which is built to continually sell recently-originated loans to investors.

HYCF Investment Benefits

Loans owned by the HYCF are typically sold or syndicated within weeks of origination, limiting performance exposure.

All loans are rigorously underwritten in our institutionally-approved credit process.

Investments are spread across borrowers, properties, loan types, and Sharestates’ national lending footprint.

Uncorrelated Returns
Returns from loans are uncorrelated to the traditional bond and stock markets.

Stable Income
Earn up to 11% annualized interest with consistent monthly distributions.

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