Cap Rate & IRR. Definitions for Accredited Investors.

If you’re an active or accredited investor, you may already be very familiar with the concept of cap rate and internal rate of return (IRR), but it’s always good to review the concept no matter what stage of your investment career you’re in. These financial metrics are some of the most commonly used in the commercial real estate investment business.

What You Must Know Before Purchasing a Multi-Family Property

Every real estate investment has a value proposition. A comfortable working knowledge of the proposition for one type of transaction, should not be taken to be an expertise in all real estate investments. While it is certainly possible to advance to larger, more financially rewarding transactions, such as a multi-family property, it is important to remember that a new type of transaction means learning a new set of rules.

Defining How Capitalization Rates Work: A Newbie Guide

The real estate market can often come across as a black box of investing. Especially after the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007-2010, there has been a persisting level of wariness as it relates to real estate. Since that recession, real estate values have been on the rise, especially in metropolitan areas.