How Real Estate Companies are Transforming Themselves into Digital Powerhouses

Some areas of the real estate business still rely heavily on shuffling paperwork. Mortgages come to mind as one part of the industry still stuck in the past. In order to move ahead, real estate companies in every corner of the sector will need to digitize processes in order to make them more efficient and cost-effective.

3 Digital Savings Mobile Apps To Help With Investing

Fintech took a cue from rock and roll and has begun stretching into hundreds of multiple directions at once. One of those directions is mobile banking, and that including applications designed to help smartphone users save more money.

The Five FinTech Trends Taking the World by Storm

From artificial intelligence (AI) to digital banking, the financial sector has been disrupted. Alternative lenders have been legitimized, traditional banks are jumping on the mobile app bandwagon, and even the insurance industry is being touched by revolutionary technology, which is forcing it to reinvest itself.