What to do When Your Investment Property Does Not Sell Fast

There are times in the career of every real estate investor that can be looked back on as pivotal. Transactions that went awry, situations that turned bad, and problems that turned up. These are all inevitable for anyone in the real estate business for any length of time.

When Should Real Estate Investors Seek Hard Money Lenders?

It is an axiom of business that every venture or transaction will either sink or swim. The absolute truth expressed in this saying is that success or failure are the only two outcomes, and eventually it all ends in one place or the other. Naturally, real estate investors aim for success, and doggedly overcome obstacles in order to achieve it.

Resolving Title Issues and Property Liens On Your Investment

Real estate title issues and property liens are some of the biggest hurdles to closing real estate deals. If you are planning to invest in real estate, make sure you understand property titles and liens. Here are some common title issues.

Why Every Real Estate Investor Needs a Real Estate Agent

A real estate investment sometimes succeeds or fails because of the margins. Sometimes the rate of interest charged on the loan to purchase a real estate property can make all the difference. It can be the difference between a profitable transaction and a losing deal.

Investment Comparison of Stocks vs. Bonds vs. Real Estate

Looking to make your next investment? With all the options available to you, this investment comparison will help you whether you’re a seasoned investor, a retiree looking to optimize your investments, or anything in-between, because the fact remains that deciding on the best way to invest isn’t always easy.

Why FinTech Funding Went Up in 2015 and The Trends of 2016

In the world of finance, when one item goes down, it does not necessarily mean another item goes up. In this case, however, a sharp decline in the number of technology companies going public means that more of them are seeking private funding.

The Benefits of Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real estate development, for many, may seem like a tough industry to work in. Unless you are in an exclusive club, the chances of stumbling upon a great development opportunity are slim-to-none.

Where to Find Your Next Affordable Online Fintech Course

While MIT wasn’t the first organization to offer a finance and technology certification course, they are the biggest name to do so. For example, last year CFT (Certificate in Finance and Technology) opened its doors to offer certification exams in cities around the world.