What is Crowdfunding? Straightforward Answers to Common Questions.

After twenty years since its debut, there is still a lot of mystery around the subject of crowdfunding. We’ve put together answers to 7 of your top questions to help you understand what crowdfunding represents. Peer-to-peer lending can be of tremendous value to your investment efforts as a real estate developer and accredited investor.

How 420 Loans Affect Real Estate And Land Sales Nationally

Currently, 29 states and the District of Columbia (DC) have enacted laws that make the use of marijuana legal. Seven of those states, and DC, have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Several more have legalized medical marijuana.

Renovations to Protect Your Investment in Colder Climates

Every location has some element of inclement weather that the residents of that area must deal with on an ongoing basis. There may be very pleasant days at some times. When the dirge of the specific weather condition comes, everyone must contend with it.

How to Fix And Flip an Investment Property With Storm Damage

Storm damaged residential real estate seems like the perfect fix and flip opportunity. The premise of repairing the storm damage and flipping the house may seem straightforward. As anyone experienced in renovations can testify there is nothing straightforward about this aspect of the real estate investment business.

Latest Fall Curb Appeal Trends For Your Investment Property

Curb appeal is a critical part of marketing real estate investment properties, and each season brings its own unique challenges and opportunities. The need to make a great first impression in the fall is just as great as any other time of year, but the distinct quality of fall presents some fantastic opportunities that are just not available in the winter, spring or summer.

Hurricane Irma and Harvey’s Role in Real Estate Investing

For the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, the thought of a hurricane is a fact of life. Recently, the fact is that violent storms have made life unbearable for millions of coastal residents. In spite of this recurring devastation, there are increasing numbers of Americans living in coastal areas prone to hurricanes.

Five Traits Hard Money Lenders Evaluate in a Loan Borrower

A real estate loan borrower’s profile plays a salient role in the lender’s due diligence process and analysis. The mortgagee reviews the mortgagor, in a comprehensive manner, in order to deem any lending activity a prudent risk to the loan portfolio.

Factors Contributing to Booming Land Sale Locations

Street vendors know the best location to sell their merchandise and get there before their competition saturates the market. The same approach can help anyone become successful in real estate. However, the competitive environment of the real estate market means the savvy real estate investor needs to move faster than others.

Why FinTech Funding Went Up in 2015 and The Trends of 2016

In the world of finance, when one item goes down, it does not necessarily mean another item goes up. In this case, however, a sharp decline in the number of technology companies going public means that more of them are seeking private funding.

The Benefits of Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real estate development, for many, may seem like a tough industry to work in. Unless you are in an exclusive club, the chances of stumbling upon a great development opportunity are slim-to-none.