> Join Our CEO at LendIt NYC April 13-15

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Join Our CEO at LendIt NYC April 13-15

Our CEO Allen Shayanfekr will be part of the Real Estate Crowdfunding Property Types panel on April 15th at 4:45pm at LendIt NYC. He’ll be joined by Haider Nazar of LendZoan, Eric Siragusa of MHP Funds Hospitality and Bill Sipple of HVS. We invite all our Investors, Sponsors and readers to attend LendIt to see Allen speak, meet some of the Sharestates team and to see all the excitement in the online lending space.

Sharestates Attends LendIt

Allen will be discussing the role of residential real estate within real estate crowdfunding. Allen has an extensive knowledge in real estate law and securities (his background is in legal).Look for him to share his perspective and expertise for anyone looking to learn more about real estate crowdfunding as an investor or for general interest.

LendIt is the world’s top conference for the online lending (aka marketplace lending, P2P lending) industry and it’s coming to New York City this April 13-15 (see agenda here). With over 1600 attendees (see list of companies attending), this event is more proof to the tremendous growth of this space.

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