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3 Best Springtime Curb Appeal Trends For Your Property

Spring welcomes fresh blooms, spring cleaning, and effective curb appeal trends for real estate properties. Spring also produces many open houses for real estate agents and investors. First impressions are lasting impressions. Buyers usually judge a property upon seeing the listing in the ad, hence the importance of curb appeal.

Here are three curb appeal trends to enhance any real estate investment and bolster open-house numbers.

  1. Front Door Facelift

The front door frenzy surges onward, but it has evolved from simply painting the front door a bright color. The current curb appeal trend involves coating the front door a flamboyant color while painting the surrounding porch and entryway neutral colors. Accompany this with flares of colored accessories like rocking chairs painted red, or taupe furniture sporting yellow pillows.

Also trending are ornate entryways complementing the vibrant front entrance. Porches are big business again and, when designed right, provide an alluring focal point. With the eco-friendly craze trending, consider using natural elements on the façade like wood and stone.

Budget Friendly Tip: Pressure-washing the exterior of the home, including wooden planks, walkways, and driveways, provides a quick pick-me-up for a low price.

Remember to upload those photos. As HGTV.com points out, “88 percent of homebuyers begin the process on the web…” Utilize social media connections to spread the images across the internet.

  1. Renewing the Landscaping

Showcasing a manicured lawn and a lush garden is a start. Sticking with the times, less is more when renewing the landscape. Some buyers see dollar signs flashing above elaborate gardens. They know the cost to maintain extravagant yards. Installing a simple hedge, a low row of colorful plants, and bright mulch is all that’s needed to get the property noticed.

Mixing vintage and modern features is another curb appeal design trending this spring. Converting an old, cast iron wash pot into a fountain highlighted by contemporary LED lighting, is a great example of this.

  1. Upgrading the Garage Door

Gone are the days of boring, one-size-fits-all garage doors. Today, garage door designs are limitless.Trending are glass garage doors that provide a modern, unique look. Other trending options include boldly colored wooden doors, carriage-style doors, doors that showcase rich wood grains, and solid colored doors.

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Garage doors now add intrigue and value to homes. They make statements when painted bold colors like red or yellow. And best of all, they represent the majority of a home’s curb appeal. It costs close to $2,000 to replace a garage door but the real estate investor/homeowner recoups nearly 80% of that cost upon selling the property.

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