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Sunrise Charity Gala 2017

Sharestates is honored to support the Sunrise Association in raising funds, so children with cancer and their siblings have the opportunity to enjoy day camp. This support has been defined through years of partnered charity events and fundraisers.

“Sharestates is always excited to bring smiles to the children of the Sunrise Association through our annual contributions. We understand that cancer is a daily reality for these children and their families so we look forward to being able to provide any respite, even if just during the camp hours.” Michael Ramin, Business Development at Sharestates.

Sunrise Charity Gala

This year’s Sunrise Charity Gala has a challenge for the valiant David Miller, a board member of the Sunrise Association. Sharestates’ Raymond Y. Davoodi and Michael Ramin offered that David shave his trademark hair and mustache for a pledge of $10,000. David’s mustache is a beloved, key trait to his identity. Having the winner mentality, David counter-offered, being extremely altruistic he accepted the challenge if Sharestates and the Sunrise Association combined, raised over $50,000 for the children.

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When asked about how the campaign idea came about, Michael Ramin states, “David Miller is known for his ability to sell anything, he is an amazing guy with great enthusiasm. It was only natural that we turned this fundraising round into a fun event with major stakes, David’s prized hair! This is just another testament to David’s dedication to the Sunrise Association and its campers!”

This year the Sunrise Charity Gala takes place at the Glen Head Country Club on May 4th. The event is highly anticipated for many reasons. The Charity Gala is a huge opportunity for everyone to come together. Families, donors, and Sunrise staff have the opportunity to connect over a common mission. Asking for your generosity, this life-changing fundraiser will put children through camp, give families a piece of serenity, and provide additional services to enhance the lives of Sunrise’s kids.

Sunrise Association

The Sunrise Association is a remarkable organization that is dedicated to preserving the childhood of terminally ill children. To help ease the heavy burden off the parents, all of Sunrise’s programs and services are always free of charge. Each child’s smile is made possible through the generosity of donors both large and small.

The Sunrise Association offers a summer day camp, fun year-round activities, and in-hospital recreational programs. The day camp creates a place for youth with cancer and their siblings to participate in many specialized activities throughout the summer. The year-round activities give the campers a chance to make new friends or reconnect with old ones during every season. Sunrise on Wheels is one of many in-hospital recreational programs. Sunrise on Wheels allows hospitalized children to enjoy the benefits of the Sunrise Day Camp, making sure to put a smile on the child’s face and lifting their spirits.

Founded in 2006 by Arnie Preminger, the Sunrise Day Camp was the first and only camp to provide a haven for cancer children and their siblings. This day camp originated as a dream of Arnie Preminger’s. After attending a Paul Newman concert that raised funds for a sleep-away camp for terminally ill children, Arnie realized that a summer day camp for cancer children was non-existent. Preminger with more than 30 years of operating summer camps, turned this dream into a reality, and is continuing to change lives 11 years later.

Sharestates takes pride in supporting the Sunrise Association, bringing smiles to children with cancer and their families for years. The Sunrise Charity Gala taking place at the Glen Head Country Club, will directly benefit the families coping with the realities of cancer. Sharestates and the Sunrise Association ask for your generosity, and support during the Sunrise Charity Gala on May 4th.

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