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Office Renovations That Will Help Sell Your Property Faster

Buyers want homes with modern, updated features. The same is true for office spaces. There are several office renovations that will help sell your property faster. Some makeovers include installing the latest wireless devices, charging stations, and ergonomic desk designs.

Although these tips apply to the home office and office building, most realtors suggest converting your home office into a bedroom. Bedrooms rank higher than a home office to buyers.

Office Renovations That Cater to the Client

Before starting any office renovation project, there are some crucial questions every real estate investor should ask themselves. What’s the best use of the space? It’s best to purpose the space with buyers in mind. Is the building or unit better equipped for corporate executives or a call center?

Are cubicles more practical for the layout than individual offices? What local tax incentives apply to renovating the building? How does the building/suite measure up to the surroundings? It’s vital to address these questions (and more) when considering which office renovations will help sell your property faster. Local realtors should be well-versed with these concerns.

Modern Office Renovations: Less Furniture is More

Grand, hulking executive desks are a thing of the past. Real estate investors know that modern offices highlight comfort and convenience rather than showy furniture. Keep in mind the purpose of the space when staging or purchasing the furniture. Contemporary furniture is prominently metal and glass with some featuring wood accents.

Modern conference tables include center slots for charging stations and presentation docking connectors. Trending ergonomic office desks slope inward for a more comfortable experience. Many also raise and lower in one or two simple steps. Recent studies prove the health benefits of standing while working. Office chairs that feature the latest designs include foot rests and head supports.

It’s not necessary to purchase office furniture for the space. However, spending some time and money staging the area with contemporary pieces helps investors see the potential of the unit.

Smart Office Renovations

When conducting office renovations to help sell your property faster, it’s always beneficial to install smart devices. The latest smart devices lower utility costs, help employees work more efficiently, and increase security.

Smart locks allow doors to unlock and lock with the wave of a phone or key fob. Owners and managers divvy out access to employees and have the ability to monitor and activate the smart locks via the web. Smart thermostats control the climate and monitor the environment for movement.

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When everyone leaves the building, the thermostat increases its temperature to conserve energy. Smart lightbulbs provide a similar service as the thermostat. They monitor areas and click on and off when rooms are empty or occupied. A wireless air quality monitor is another device that will help sell your property faster.

When connected with an air purifying system, two or more air monitors positioned around the office signal the system to clean the air when pollutants become too dense. Other smart office devices include security cameras, web servers, light switches, cloud printers, audio speakers, and window blinds.

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