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Sharestates Announces Auto-Invest and $500mm in Originations

Sharestates, is pleased to announce that we have surpassed an all time total of $500mm in real estate loan originations. This milestone continues to establish Sharestates as a leader in the online real estate investment marketplace vertical. The announcement is joined by the release of Sharestates’ new auto-invest tool, created to eliminate the chances of “cash drag” for our investors.

When asked about the news, CEO and Co-founder Allen Shayanfker states “The Auto-Invest feature will help increase efficiency for investors as they grow their real estate portfolios. This new feature will alleviate the fear of missing out on real estate loans, while expediting the investment process and eliminating the constant scrolling and searching for the perfect property. We credit our $500 million milestone to constantly integrating new tools that make investing with us secure and easy, granting peace of mind to our user base in allocating more funds to our platform.”

$500 Million in Real Estate Loan Originations

Since inception in 2014 Sharestates has originated over $500mm across 520 individual real estate loans. Current run rates have Sharestates exceeding $1 billion in total origination before the end of 2017.

The average net annual rate of return to investors is 10.62% with zero loss of principal.

Sharestates Auto-Invest Tool For Real Estate Investors

As a part of our commitment to create the best experience for our users, Sharestates has released an auto-invest tool. The tool seeks to minimize the risk for “cash drag” which occurs when an investor misses out on new investment opportunities because they were not able to login, review, and invest before the loan sold out.

Investors can now increase how often their funds are deployed. Sharestates’ investors can choose from multiple strategies, including a custom investment strategy that includes 12 underwriting filters to choose from. The auto-invest tool has adjustable measurements including investment totals per loan, maximum investment frequency and limit, interest rate requirements, risk ratings, property types and more.

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After every auto-investment transaction, the investor will receive a confirmation email with loan and investment details, where they will then have a 24-hour window to opt out or increase participation.

To learn more about Sharestates, visit www.sharestates.com today.

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