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Curb Appeal Dos and Don’ts of 2017 for Investors to Follow

As a real estate investor, imagine showing the Addams Family home to potential buyers. The snarling gate, the encroaching, thorny vines, the crumbling, rambling exterior skirted by the dead trees and lawn. Folks would run for their lives instead of placing offers. First impressions are lasting impressions which is why the following 2017 curb appeal dos and don’ts include all of these offenses and more.

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Do Preen the Lawn and Pathway

Nothing is more inviting than a green, manicured lawn. Especially when patterned with the clean lines of a curving pathway. Cement paths regularly become coated with mold and mildew. Renting a pressure washer or hiring someone with a washer easily cleans away the grime. Consumers can also clean mold with spray-on products and brushes.

In snowy climates, keep paths shoveled for a more inviting façade and curb appeal. An inexpensive but quality lawn-care program includes fertilizer, extra plugs of sod, and weed killers.

Don’t Get Carried Away with the Landscape

Buyers prefer low-maintenance landscapes. Many buyers see dollar signs with elaborate gardens bursting with a variety of plants, shrubs, and trees. As tempting as it is to showcase that green thumb, keep the garden simple. A hedge of evergreen bushes balanced with a low row of flowers is a simple, yet attractive look.

For an easy, weed-free garden, install professional grade weed fabric throughout the landscape. Cover this with a few inches of red cypress mulch. Weeds have a tough time fighting their way through the weed fabric and mulch. Also, it’s best to stay clear of adding water features to the landscape. While appealing, these structures require regular upkeep that may deter potential buyers.

Do Clear Clutter, Replace Bulbs and Trash Bins

For properties with front overhangs and porches, clear away any décor and furniture obstructing the view of the structure or impeding foot traffic. Less is more regarding exterior décor. Some suggestions include small benches, swings, bike racks, and appealing trash cans that fit the façade.

Remember to replace or repair light fixtures and bulbs. Opt for trendy fixtures featuring LED bulbs. They’re brighter and last much longer than standard incandescent counterparts.

Don’t Paint Bold Colors

When selecting paint colors, choose shades that will appeal to the broadest audience. Buyers need to envision themselves occupying the property. Covering the exterior with flashy pastels will deter more buyers than draw in. Select neutral colors that complement exterior features like columns, bricks, paths, and gardens.

On a side note, also select neutral colors for interior painting. Giving the entrance of a building a bold facelift is the latest curb appeal trend. This includes bright red, yellow, and green doors. Pick the shades on the lighter end of the color spectrum. Dark colors project negative, ominous tones.

More Curb Appeal Dos and Don’ts

  • Do light up the gardens and paths
  • Don’t use dimly light solar lights
  • Do refresh address numbers
  • Don’t break the budget on curb appeal
  • Do repave cracked driveways and sidewalks

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