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Real Estate Renovation Trends That Will Last Into 2018

Renovation is always intended to make a house more livable by bringing it up-to-date in the way it looks and the way it operates.  This can mean work as extensive as rewiring the electrical panel to provide the capability to handle the demands of modern life or it can be as simple as a new coat of paint.  The goal is the same, because an up-to-date house will move quickly on the market and commend the best price.

Unfortunately, “up-to-date” is a moving target.  It is possible to update a house only to find that the real estate market has shifted and the work does not have its intended effect.  In a worse case scenario the work has to be redone.  With the goal of avoiding such losses, here are five solid renovation ideas that are sure to extend into the real estate market into 2018 and beyond.

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Timeless Kitchen Renovation Trends

Kitchen renovations are absolutely timeless because the kitchen will remain the heart and soul of the single family house for the foreseeable future.  Pre-packaged food delivery services  are banking profits based on this reality.  This means that anyone evaluating a house as their potential home will look at the kitchen.  Color has become the latest kitchen addition, ending stainless steel’s long reign as the dominant finish in the kitchen.  This includes appliances in such retro colors as harvest gold and avocado green

Efficient Lighting Options That Save

Energy audits are a big business because energy costs continue to increase.  Lighting is one of the major uses of electricity in a house, so updating lighting with energy efficient options will be a renovation bonus for 2018 and beyond.  Lighting also has the benefit of being immediately noticeable, literally at the touch of a switch, so it pays a bigger marketing dividend than other energy saving projects.  Track lighting continues to be a popular option that is easy to install and saves energy while it adds market value.

Automated Watering System to Maintain Landscape

Like energy bills, water bills are expected to continue to increase and an automated watering system can save water while it keeps landscaping elements healthy.  This increases curb appeal and adds to the market value of the house. Best of all, this renovation is relatively easy to install and may even be eligible for community tax credits.
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Entranceway And Mudroom Renovations

Every real estate renovator worth their salt knows to pay close attention to the front door, but the new long lasting trend literally goes deeper.  Entranceways and mudrooms are the logical progression of making a house more livable by adding either a welcoming or a practical space as soon as you step inside.  Creating this type of specialized entrance room requires understanding the market for the renovation.  A modest single family house is a candidate for a mud room rather than a grand entranceway.

Home Internet Connectivity

The Internet of Things (IoT) is coming home, and renovations that incorporate this trend will add value to real estate well beyond 2018. Increasing the connectivity of a home does not need to be complicated, but it should include an eye toward flexibility.  Adding additional wireless hubs so that each room has a fast connection is a low cost simple addition during a renovation that makes a nice bullet point on a marketing sales list.

These renovations reflect trends that are as timeless as they are timely.  They reflect changes in technology, the way people live today, and the way families have always used a house as a home.  These are and will continue to be the hallmarks of a successful renovation.

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