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Curb Appeal Updates to make before 2018

The real estate market is always changing, and what appeals to a buyer as they pull up to look at a potential home changes over time. This means that successfully staging the exterior of a property “curb appeal” requires flexibility. In addition, the real estate market is local and is fragmented. This means that what works in one area may not work in another, and that what appeals to one buyer may not work with another.

Successful real estate investors know this, and are able to identify what adds to the curb appeal of any specific residential real estate property. They also understand that the time of year strongly influences both which buyers are most likely to look at a home and know how to appeal to that buyer without alienating the atypical buyer.

Seasonal Curb Appeal Adjustments To Consider

Seasonal adjustments are part of the job of economists analyzing the real estate market, but they are part of the job for anyone looking to sell a home in the fall. The first basic fact that needs to be recognized is that buyers with children are less likely to move during the school year. This means that fall and winter staging can be directed at empty-nesters and other potential buyers without children.

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Well maintained exteriors are a good example of this approach. While they are always a good idea, they have particular value to empty-nesters who want to fill their lives with something other than household chores. Lowering storm windows in northern climates and doing all the gardening necessary will add to the look that a house is ready for the coming season.

That season includes upcoming holidays, and small but colorful decorations can add a festive, welcoming air that translates into curb appeal. Naturally, sensitivity is critical here, and secular decorations are less likely to offend than those which touch on the religious nature of a holiday. It’s important to remember that small touches go a long way. Not every empty nester is glad the children are grown and gone, and overdone holiday decorations can bring a touch of sadness by evoking memories.

Color Trends Of 2018

The official color of 2018 has been announced  by the Sherman Williams company. This serves as a great reminder that painting the front door is the most time-tested method of increasing curb appeal. Using an up-to-date color can increase the effectiveness of this idea. Be certain that the deep hue chosen for 2018 does not clash with the other colors of the house visible from the curb.

While most backyards are not visible from the curb, setting out weather-appropriate chairs around a fire pit is an excellent idea. It is a great way to showcase a patio or deck, particularly for empty nesters that do not have to contend with homework or bedtimes. Most home improvement stores have self-contained patio fireplaces that comply with building codes. Remember to add a small stack of firewood to complete the picture.

None of these ideas makes a house any less desirable for a buyer with children who has to move during the school year. This is the definition of good curb appeal. By understanding the tastes and goals of all potential buyers it is possible to stage for one without ignoring another.

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