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Real Estate Apps that Every Real Estate Investor Should Use

Real estate investing is a complex, and time-consuming process. If you want to make sure that you get the most out of your money, you need to be prepared to take your business with you wherever you go. The right real estate apps on your mobile device can help you to better assess the properties you’re buying and prepare for a more successful sale.

Whether it’s an app that helps you to calculate return on investment or a smartphone solution that makes it easier for you to plan your renovations, here are just 5 of the tech solutions you should consider using in 2018.

1.     The Property Fixer App

The Property Fixer App from MLS LLC is a great opportunity for real estate investors who frequently flip properties to sell or to use as a rental property. This smartphone app helps you to analyze the potential ROI on a property that you intend to “flip” to a buyer. When you enter your property details, you can see a Flip analysis that demonstrates your profit for that flip. This real estate app also helps you to track monthly expenses and potential improvement costs, which is perfect for when you want to keep on top of your taxes.

2.     Ten-X Commercial App

The Ten-X Commercial App is great for real estate brokers and investors alike. It’s designed to help you find the most appealing real estate deals available on the commercial market, review your due diligence and even submit orders from your smartphone. The app also ensures that you’ll get alerts sent straight to you as soon as a new property becomes available on the marketplace.

3.     Zillow Mobile App

The Zillow Mobile app is a great solution that allows you to view properties available within a Multiple Listings Service. This information is very useful for catching up on listings in a short space of time, and it can make it easier to research regional home values from your smartphone too, so you can calculate your potential ROI on any real estate investing opportunity.

4.     10BII Calculator App

Keeping on top of your finances is particularly difficult as a real estate investor, which is why the 10BII Calc Financial Calculator app could help you to minimize your number-based headaches. This real-estate app is available on a range of different devices, including the Windows app store, Android, and iPhone. You can use it to calculate your returns by factoring in interest rates, monthly payments, and more. The app even helps you to check out cash flow diagrams, so you can see what you can expect in the months ahead.

5.     Magic Plan App

Finally, if you’re interested in getting involved with property flipping, then this real estate app could be perfect for you. The Magic Plan smartphone app is one of the most popular investment solutions because it allows you to take pictures, measurements, and floor plans all with your phone, saving you money and time. Users can add annotations, attributes, and objects to generate reports and estimates for turn-around profits within a matter of seconds, and you can store your floor plans in the cloud.

This is a great way to share floor plans and estimates with any investing team or partners you might have, and it can even help you to show your designs to home inspectors, architects, and craftsmen too.

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