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Why Real Estate Crowdfunding Is the Choice for Busy Professionals

Professions such as doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, etc. are very time-consuming. In a life mainly consisting of work, it is hard to find time to gear one’s energy towards another interest such as investing in real estate. This is where Real Estate Crowdfunding (RECF) and marketplace lending comes in. RECF and marketplace lending have reshaped the way people find and invest in properties. Crowdfunding has opened a whole new door of accessibility to projects and real estate offerings. The option to invest from the comfort of one’s home from a laptop or tablet is easy and reliable.

Real Estate Crowdfunding for Investors

According to a Sharestates Investor, Dr. Chirag Amin “As a busy physician that works over 50 hours per week, I am very interested in investing and having my money work for me. In the past, I have purchased real estate for rental income, but have been discouraged by the sheer hassle of dealing with issues regarding property maintenance and repair costs, property taxes, difficult tenants, as well as tenant turnover issues (just to name a few). I totally embrace the crowdfunding concept, as it allows me to diversify my investments over several properties and earn a high yield/return on investments without having to worry about dealing with tenants and property maintenance issues. In addition, the risk rating system on the Sharestates website provides me with increased investing confidence compared to other platforms.

Investing with Sharestates

At Sharestates we provide investors with an online path to consistent passive income. On our secure online platform, you can select the geography and even asset class of the properties that fit your portfolio and risk tolerance. Investors have access to a large marketplace of institutional quality mortgage loans that have been underwritten by industry leaders.

Sharestates also offers features such as auto-invest which is a tool that will manage your investment strategy. With auto-invest you can set specific parameters to match the criteria you are interested in.

Let Sharestates help you build your real estate portfolio one share at a time!

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