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Sharestates CEO and NMP TV Discuss the Mortgage Industry

Sharestates CEO, Allen Shayanfekr, was featured on an installment of the National Mortgage Professional’s Mortgage Leadership Outlook series. Allen joined the series’ host, Andrew Berman, as they explored how Sharestates has been coping during the COVID-19 pandemic, what trends he is seeing in the industry, and much more. For the complete interview, click here. For your convenience, we’ve broken the video down by the topics of discussion below.

How did Sharestates get started?

Allen discusses how the concept for Sharestates came about.

The Evolution of Real Estate Crowdfunding According to Sharestates

How have real estate crowdfunding and mortgage lending evolved over time?

What are the Different Real Estate Investor Types?

Allen discusses the varying mortgage investor types on the Sharestates platform.

Sharestates Ability to Lend during COVID Pandemic

Allen discusses how the company responded to the COVID Pandemic in terms of lending.

Sharestates Investor Terms for Institutions and Individuals

How are investment terms structured for individual and institutional investors buying into the same loan?

How Have Sharestates Loan Values Changed During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

How have Sharestates mortgage values been impacted by the pandemic?

How was the Sharestates Transition From Office to Remote Work?

How was Sharestates able to quickly move 100% of its staff to a remote work schedule?

Where Can Real Estate Developers Find Opportunities During the Pandemic?

What opportunity areas still exist for mortgage borrowers looking for their next project?

What Types of Assets Does Sharestates Fund?

What asset types does Sharestates lend mortgages on?

How will Market Conditions and Federal and State Responses Impact The Real Estate Market?

How will the current market and the latest responses from government officials impact the mortgage lending industry?

What Does The Future Look Like for Sharestates?

What does Allen think the future of the company looks like?

How Do Real Estate Brokers fit Into the Sharestates Model?

How do mortgage brokers fit into Sharestates’ business model? What products were designed specifically for them?

What was the First Group of Investors to Return to Sharestates to Invest?

Which investor type returned to the Sharestates platform first? Individual or Institutional?

When Will Sharestates Return to the Office Setting?

When does Allen anticipate a return to the office?

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