> How a Small and Middle Market SFR Buyer Can Get To The Finish Line

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How a Small and Middle Market SFR Buyer Can Get To The Finish Line

David Young, VP of Correspondent and Strategic Partnerships for Sharestates, speaks with Zachary Streit, founder, and managing partner of Way Capital, about the small and middle-market single-family rentals at IMN’s 10th Annual Single-Family East Forum.



    1. What are the opportunities right now?
    2. How is Sharestates getting deals done in the current environment?
    3. How is Sharestates dealing with price escalation?
    4. What advice does Sharestates have for smaller and middle-market buyers as they’re starting, ramping up, or positioning themselves to get the best possible terms today?
    5. What are the unique features of Sharestates loan programs?
    6. What are the lender expectations for borrowers?
    7. Is it possible higher rates will push people to rent instead of buying?
    8. What are some of the opportunities in this environment?
    9. What impact does all of the new liquidity have on the market?
    10. Does the “wall of liquidity” offset higher rates?
    11. What’s your prediction for where rates will be in 12 months?
    12. Do you think institutional Single-Family Residential will have any spillover effect on other asset classes like Multi-Family or create new asset classes?


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